...newbee - looking for a simple solution to play at home with

  • Hi
    I have been playing guitar for over 50 years - yeah - I'm getting up there.
    Don't laugh, but I only recently learned about simulation software.
    I'm a casual player who enjoys playing in a number of styles - rock, ballads, easy jazz. I am looking to model sounds like the Beatles, 60's rock, Hendrix, Motown.
    I just play for myself - don't want to annoy the neighbors.
    Don't want to spend forever tweaking the sound.
    I am looking to have fun.
    I am sensitive to price - $100 would be the sweet spot - if $150 would be by far the best solution - then $150.
    Can you suggest a solution
    Many thanks to you.

  • A2

    @hirsch-ethan What do you have so far?