Bias FX Profesional?

  • Hello All,

    I have been away from guitar for a long while due to an injury I sustained from Martial Arts and I am just starting to get back into it.

    So, today Ola Englund on his YouTube channel was was talking about Impulse Responses and I was thinking that would be 'very' cool to try out never really thought about it before. And I don't have any software that will allow that in ProTools. Then I remembered Positive Grid, so, I went and downloaded a demo version of "Bias FX" (I thought the professional version would be available, but, it wasn't) to see how IRs are loaded in that software and I couldn't find it anywhere. So is it possible to load custom IR's in Bias FX? What about Bias FX Professional can you load IRs in that?? If not, is there a seperate download to will allow it, or, perhaps a module to allow loading?

    I just can't find any concrete information on it. There was some mention of a product called "Bias Professional" that allowed custom IRs but that product doesn't exist anymore.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thankyou and Rergards.

  • A2

    Bias amp can load impulses, but if you are trying to learn, tweak and dial them in, I would use a thrid party impulse loader until I found the exact impulse I wanted, then back it into the bias amp. Ignite's NADIR is an excellent, free and easy to use impulse loader