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  • Hi everyone. I'm new here. I'm planning on purchasing the bias fx standard for my desktop. My question is, I'm wondering if the behringer um2 usb audio interface will work with this program. I'm not a professional guitar player so I'm not going to record or play live with any of this. I just want something that will work. And the behringer has the right price for me. My computer is more than capable of running the program and I have a nice peavey amp but zero effect pedals. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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  • A2


    And this is from a person who takes a lot lot lot lot of crap over the internet and in real life for being just fine using Behringer stuff, no matter what my "peers" say

    The UMC2/22 whatever do NOT have their own ASIO drivers, they use ASIO4All. Surely the mac guys will chime in "Butzz0rz OMG11tyone! MAC uses coreaudio magical blah blah so ASIO doesnt matter"

    Without a single exception, not even one, interfaces with crap or nonexistent ASIO drivers run just as crap on core audio. You can check my round trip latency roundup table and take it to the bank.

    Unfortunately Behringer just raised their prices. It used to be 20 dollars between the crap, no driver UMC series and the really good ASIO Driver 202/204/404HD series. Now its a bit more of a spread.

    The Zoom U22 MIGHT be the new low price hot ticket, but I have not had a chance to test it. Right now, the 100 dollar market of great devices with good drivers is about the price point it all happens correctly...Was just 60 dollars a few months ago :(

    You'll find the Focusrite Solo, Zoom UR24, Behringer 202HD, and a few others hanging out there, with the UR24 leading the features/performance pack at that level.

    I'll try and get a U22 in for testing ASAP.

    Of course, 99% of people ignore all this and get a crappy interface that uses ASIO4ALL, and then come on the forum and blame positive grid or whoever for making crappy software

  • @pipelineaudio thanks for the info. I will look at the other ones you suggested.