Bias FX OS and IOS setup transfer

  • Hi,

    I have been using Bias FX IOS on my iPad for around 1-year now and has purchased almost all the effects. I am thinkng of moving over to OS version.
    I want to know if setups created on Bias FX IOS can be used on Mac OS (through DropBox)?
    Also if purchases made in FX IOS will be available on OS version?

  • I have never tried to transfer DropBox patches but you can upload from iOS to tone cloud and load them onto the computer from tone cloud. It is tedious but better than nothing. I really wish they would support iCloud directly on iOS and MacOS. I already keep two computers in sync this way and it is effortless, if I could just get the iOS devices in the loop it would be perfect.

  • I don't believe the iOS purchases will follow.
    And the presets can't be moved to laptop via dropbox, it has to go through tone cloud. If I've got it right.

  • Cross platforms is one issue, and then having the exact software on the Mac to in bed your setup again on new platform.

    You should be able to purchase the OS Bias FX and then drop in the presets, but have never done it and unsure of how their platforms differs from one another, but the IPAD and MAC OS are obvious different platforms.

    Like going from a MAC OS to a Windows platform, or other way around, not sure the extensions will work.

  • Thank you for the feedback.
    So at least transfer of setups can be done - will just have to use Tonecloud then.

  • Learned that the purchases is not "transferable" between FX for IOS and FX for OS software. The purchases are totally separate.
    This is a bit lame as I have spend a lot of money on around 98% of all the IOS gear plus the purchase of the app itself.
    Will just stick to using IOS on my iPad.