Amp packs purchase on iPad require another purchase on iPhone?

  • Hi all,

    I may have assumed incorrectly that purchasing an expansion pack or upgrade on my iPad would also allow me to use my purchase on my iphone like most other companies allow. Is that not the case with the Positive Grid iOS apps?

    I purchased items on my iPad, as it's a bit easier to edit on, backed up my presets and such to Dropbox, and then tried importing onto my iPhone 8 plus. When I do, Bias FX tells me on my iPhone I must make additional purchases. I have tried restoring my purchases on the iPhone, logging in and out of ToneCloud, etc., to no avail.


  • @c-d-gephart um is this for Bias Amp or Bias FX? or Jamup pro for that matter, because some are shared and some are not

  • @tafkad Bias FX (primarily). Although I also have Jamup Pro and Bias Amp installed on both... All on iOS. Sorry I wasn't clearer.

    What I was expecting I would see is, when backing up my iPad configurations to Dropbox, I could then restore them to my iPhone. However, when I try to do that, some of the devices that were available on the iPad versions show as needing to be purchased on the iPhone.

  • I got this problem as well... I purchased the "celestion modern pack" on my iphone in BIAS Amp 2. There are no worries using it and i can transfer the profiles to the BIAS Head, too.

    But i can not use these profiles in the standalone PC-version of BIAS Amp 2. Even though i am logged in with the same account as on my iphone..