Help - Amateur Home Studio for training, playing with backing tracks and occasional recording 6 string electric guitar.

  • I would like to have your thoughts, tips and feedback using Cockos Reaper as a DAW and the following hardware: Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB (Audio Interface), 2x ESI uniK 08 Plus (Active Studio Monitors), 2x Line6 Powercab 112 Plus.

    In order to get the best of my Positive Grid Windows Desktop Software: BIAS FX Professional (including BIAS AMP 2 Elite, BIAS Pedal Distortion Pack, BIAS Pedal Modulation Pack, BIAS Pedal Delay Pack, Metal Signature Pack, Bass Expansion Pack and Acoustic Expansion Pack).

    How should I mount/setup my gear in order to get the most of my equipment and software? (check the Post Title for the intended scenario)

    Thanks in advance,

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    Whats the point of the powercabs? If you havent bought them yet, I'd put that into something more crucial (nobody ever wants to hear it, but a 60 dollar bag of 3" Roxul Safe n Sound goes a long long long way!)

    Everything else looks sensible. I'd sure like to have a few basic mics around just in case. Also some headphones, cheap or not

    My best setup advice, and again, its the type nobody ever wants to hear, but, would be to plug in your monitors, watch every tv show you possibly could, listen to all your favorite music, play games, watch youtube, whatever, until the "sound" of your monitors dissapears from your brain and it just becomes THE SOUND you expect to hear

    Technical wise, hooking reaper up to the focusrite drivers should be no issue whatsoever, just be damn sure that the focusrite's internal monitoring is set all the way off, if you want to monitor through the Bias VSTs in REAPER

  • @pipelineaudio said in Help - Amateur Home Studio for training, playing with backing tracks and occasional recording 6 string electric guitar.:

    3" Roxul Safe n Sound

    Thanks for the inputs man!

    For the pleasure of listening to myself playing live I am sick and tired of playing monitors. Every time I go to a friend place and play an amp/cab(s) I always remember/realize that playing exclusively monitors lacks mojo, dynamics and can become a painful dull experience. That is were the Powercabs (can´t live without stereo lol) enter the equation.

    For playing I was thinking to route (via DAW) the backing tracks to the monitors and the VST exclusively to the Powercabs. Don't even know if that's possible or the best way to do it. And what about the Powercabs ASIO capabilities? Are they of use in this scenario?

    PS: My playing room is already "sound treated"...