Workarounds for touchscreen on windows 10 (e.g. surface)

  • Hi

    One if my biggest gripes with bias fx is the fact that it ignores all touch/pen Input when i use it on my surface pro. That's a shame because I love touch input when creating music. My DAW is very touch friendly (stagelight) but every time I open my bias fx plugin I need to switch to keyboard and mouse. So I was looking for workarounds:

    1. Go to settings / devices / pen&ink and enable "use pen as a mouse in desktop apps". With this you can use the pen in bias fx just like you would expect it to work.
    2. Right click on the taskbar and enable the virtual touchpad. This gives you a virtual touchpad right there on the screen so you don't need external mice. Works ok too.

    Meanwhile I can't wait for proper touch support in win 10!!

  • @matpet1337 I have a Dell 7537 touch laptop. I too would really like touch screen support, because I don't want to use the touchpad for minor changes.