activate wah by moving expression pedal up

  • Hi,

    is there a chance to use the wah in jamup pro like we do with hardware units?

    I'd like to have the wah turned of when the pedal is at maxed position and turned on when it is below. Even my old Roland GP-100 was able to do this ;-)


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    Don't get me started :(

  • @pipelineaudio haha I was waiting for the reply : ]

  • As you can tell this has been asked for a couple of times, already. Hopefully @Mike @Felix or @Joe-Kuo can run by the engineering team for scoping at some point. It is a small thing but would really help out live use for those who want to not use an external wah.

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    We actually made a JUCE plug and shared it with PG to do this very thing, hopefully they use it

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    @elric Hey Elric,
    As I know it will be implemented in BIAS FX2, I will reach out and let you guys know more information later.

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  • @felix Awesome news! Thanks for getting listening and getting it queued up for your loyal customers. ;-)

  • In my opinion this feature is a must! Is there any kind of workaround or donI really have to use two different presets, one with wah on and one with wah off?

  • @andreas-hoppe You can buy a wah pedal. We used to do that before miultiprocessors with wah built-in (I've owned lots of them). LOL.

    You need a pedal anyway to use wah so it is not like you won't have external gear if you want wah.

    Of course, it would be a nice feature and the built-in wah is only marginally useful with out it. So I am mostly kidding...

    Seriously, though, if I considered wah a 'must' and I was using BFX as my main guitar platform, I probably would just buy a wah for the time being, they are not expensive and like I said, you need to buy something to use expression type effects anyway.

    I think this will be a great feature but definitely not a 'must' for me. I am not a huge wah fan.

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    A real wah wont reset to preset default state on patch change though.

    Its hard, especially on the recording side, to admit/realize/accept whatever, that we aren't always trying to duplicate the situations of the past, but are often using technology to go beyond what back then we considered as limits.

    Its 6 of one half dozen of the other, but often we want a preset default state for a wah and not to have it carry over from last preset

    And often we want the other way

    For the question. Tonestack thru IAA will let you do this. IAA is not VST, its sketchy as all hell, but it worked for me live