Gain staging in BIAS FX

  • I'm pretty new to recording, and I can't find any real guide explaining this from Positive Grid.
    There are a lot of gain stages going through Bias, unless I'm mistaken, chain is as follows:

    Audio interface input gain -> Bias input gain -> Amp model gain -> Amp model master volume -> Cab mic gain -> Bias output level.

    That's a lot of stages to go through. Is there any one seetup that is ideal? Any rule of thumb to go by? And is there any reason to touch or stay away from the cab mic gain?

  • i find that adjusting gain thru the entire chain is helpful to keep signal noise ratios to optimum. i often times have to readjust gain further down the chain if i turn it up anywhere along the way. i find tweaking gain throughout improves the tone and dynamics.
    as for cab gain, on my ipad i use fiddlicator as an ir loader. often times the gain in the ir is overdriving the output and requires adjustment to reduce distortion. some cabs will have better dynamic response with a bit of gain. but thats a personal choice.