Bias FX mobile on iPad with Scarlett 2i2 only 1 input at a time?

  • Recently added Scarlett 2i2 to my iPad / Bias FX Pro/ Bias Amp2 live rig. I can only get 1 input on the 2i2 to be active at a time. Within Bias FX under input settings I can select Ch1 or Ch2 but not both. In Bias Amp I can select mix left and right inputs and they both work simultaneously. But when I go back to Bias FX, which is where my completed presets reside, I'm back to only one or the other. What am I doing wrong? I used to use a Presonus iTwo with no problem. It got damaged so I wanted to try something different. All videos and articles showed folks using the 2i2 with no issues. I'm using a powered usb hub and the Apple camera connection adapter as required. Anybody?

  • If it works in Bias Amp, but not in Bias FX, it‘s pretty likely a BFX issue, right?

    Then only contacting support makes sense, I guess.

  • @aymara

    Thanks. Even hearing that much gives me some hope. I have opened a ticket with them about it. Still waiting to hear back. It seems there must be something set wrong or how would it have ever worked correctly with my Presonus iTwo? Got my fingers crossed. I really like this Scarlett 2i2.