Purchased Metal Signature expansion and cant use it?

  • I have logged out of and back into Bias FX multiple times now per instructions in email for expansions to no avail. Keeps telling I have to upgrade!? I purchased a license for Bias FX Std and I know I can use expansions with it? Especially since I just paid $40 for it, any advice? Funny part is I was able to use a user tone that needed the Metal Signature pack BEFORE I bought it, now that I've bought it I can't use the tone at all...tells me to upgrade over and over again. I am logged in, I have purchased a license, I have purchased the expansion, I have logged in and out and in out...??????

  • @shane-spitler I have the same problem with Bias Pedal Modulation!

  • I bought Bias Amp 2 Desktop some days ago and I couldn‘t activate the demo and also didn‘t find it on my account‘s download page, which should have been possible regarding the confirmation email I got after my purchase.

    I contacted support over the PG website and the problem was fixed pretty fast.

    Long story short ... in such cases always contact support ... immediately!

  • I have contacted support. So far they have told me it seems like one of the presets I was using requires Bias FX Pro and asked me to upload the tone for them to test, I dont know how to upload it so I just took a screenshot of how to find it and where its at on ToneCloud but that was 24 hours ago and I never got a reply back. And it doesn't make sense for that preset to require Pro when I have Std and I was using it right before I purchased the expansion, and it wasn't until after purchasing the expansion that I couldn't use the preset anymore. I'm confused af tho

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    @shane-spitler Hi, Could you let me know the ticket#? Thanks!