Two issues, Didn't receive free Modulation link & PG support won't log me in so I can get help? (SOLVED!)

  • @Joe-Kuo

    So I recently tweeted the promotion (as stated in the instructions) so I could receive my link for the free modulation pedal software, but I haven't received an email yet and its nearing the 17th. I've been trying to open a support ticket but that part of their site won't allow my login credentials to work? I'm able to login to this forum and the store to see my downloads, but not the support part so I can ask for help.

    My Twitter account name is @newcomb_music
    You can see that I tweeted the promotion as directed. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Easy ... just send an email to Support:

    If that also fails, try:

    I found the later email address in my mailbox. It was a reply address for a ticket I opened.

    So send them an email and explain your problems this way. That should work.

  • @aymara

    Thanks! I sent an email with the first link you provided. Hopefully someone will get back. Their site wanted me to login before I could sent a ticket...but unfortunately my login credentials were not working...very strange.

  • @aymara

    All fixed, thanks again for the links :)

  • Glad PG took care of you @Anthony-Newcomb ; their support staff seems pretty overworked right now. ;-) It is probably from all the holiday sales and updates, etc. The Bias Pedal stuff is pretty fun. I want to play with it a little over the Holiday when I get some time.