Bias Amp 2 Pro

  • Hello, is the Bias Amp 2 PRO for the iPad too? Or only for PC’s? Every time I try to purchase it, it seems like it is for computers and not iOS iPads...

    Thanks for your help in advance

  • @chris-kane yes Bias Amp 2 is iPad also - requires iOS 10 or later though

  • It's different versions for iPad and PC. You have to pay twice unless it's been changed recently. For iPad, go to App store or in-app purchases.

  • Thanks for the replies guys. I still cannot upgrade. I even purchased the Bias Amp 2 app and then found out that I didn’t have to. That was $10 down the Shute.

    When I go to the store, through the app, the choices are already installed and they are
    Bias Amp 2 unlock
    Glassy Amp Pack
    Crunch Amp Pack
    Insane Amp Pack
    Blues Amp Pack
    Bass Amp Pack

    The only choices left to pay for and install are:
    Celestion Classic Pack
    Celestion Modern Vintage Pack
    I don’t need those because I use different Marshall cabs.

    I really want the Matching Technology and the 100 more presets.

    What am I doing wrong and what do I need to do?

  • @chris-kane Take it to support:

    They have always been very helpful.

  • Thanks I have been talking with them for about a week now...Still waiting to hear back. They are very nice.

  • I'm not sure about this, but I believe you have to be on PC/mac to do the matching. After that you can import the result to iPad via Tone Cloud.
    On the iPad, can you go to Tone Cloud - Featured - 100 new amp match presets? These are matched. so if you can download and use them, it means you can use matched amps on your iPad (your own too if you do the matching on laptop/desktop).

  • @chris-kane I'm getting confused now from your original question going to this new post but here is a screenshot from an iPad that shows the "amp match" icon - but note touching it just toggles it on/off and does not actually take you to the amp match screen like on the desktop version, I'm guessing (all is as John stated) on iPad this only allows using presets that have amp match and the ability to turn it off - not the ability to "amp match" with the iPad

  • Welcome to my world of confusion lol my iPad screen has a arrow at the end of the yellow line, like there is something more after the 2nd EQ, but I can’t advance anymore to the right. It ends with that EQ. I see no matching block.

  • @chris-kane I'm not sure when that showed up for me, I did not start with the free version that you can choose the choice "Bias Amp 2 unlock" as I paid for Bias Amp 1 and the update to BA2 was free when it was released but then I paid for the Celestion stuff and that might be how the amp match feature showed up - and the choice you see "Bias Amp 2 unlock" is already unlocked? (screenshot that page and post it here that would help)

  • I am currently not connected to Bluetooth. I can take another screenshot tomorrow. I appreciate your help.

  • When the amp doesn’t use amp match you will not see the icon to the right. I searched in the Tonecloud for a Dynamatic 002 and can’t find it, so I guess you have built it and that is the reason it hasn’t amp match. Please try to download one of the patches that use amp match and verify if you can see the icon.

  • @korkenknopfus thank you for the advice, I did what you said and downloaded three or four amp match presets and I saw the match technology there. But when I connected the second time it was gone again. When it was there I pressed on it and it just went off the chain. I also bought the Celestion classic pack even though I don’t use the FRFR cabinet that much. That did not bring the match technology either. I have everything but the match technology, so I guess that is enough for now. I just don’t know why it’s not a little simpler to upgrade to the pro version. I searched the App Store and bias amp 2 & Bias fx are the only two apps I see. Although I have seen the recording app and jam app which I’m not interested in at this time. I just wish there was an app that said Bias Amp 2 Pro, I would snag it.

  • @chris-kane as was explained by John and myself - amp match is only for using presets that "have" amp match with them - Bias Amp 2 is for iPad and only comes in one flavor and the using of amp match tech to capture an amp is done with the desktop version. Also as was explained - quote

    "...shows the "amp match" icon - but note touching it just toggles it on/off and does not actually take you to the amp match screen like on the desktop version"

    here is all the features for the iPad Bias Amp 2 version (note no amp match mentioned):

    Hope this makes it all clear now - cheers

  • It does thanks everyone

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    I had to take two screenshots to get all the store pages