BIAS AMP 2 - Metal Factory Preset Update (Metal and Insane) --- 20181211

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    Positive Grid is committed to staying at the edge of guitar modeling software innovation, and we are pleased to announce the latest updates to our BIAS AMP 2 factory presets, increasing the dynamic range of the Metal and Insane categories. This results in a wider frequency representation, creating the tightest, thickest, highest gain distortions with more overtones.

    To see which presets have been updated in this latest release, please refer to the list below:


    • 5153 mkII
    • Triple Treadplate
    • Mark IIc+
    • SLO SP-88


    • Fire
    • Insane 5153
    • Positive Insane
    • Power Place

    This update for factory presets are available for free for BIAS AMP 2 desktop and mobile owners. To download these updated presets, head on over to ToneCloud in BIAS AMP 2. To hear them in action, you can preview each preset in the SoundCloud player below:

  • Nice. Looking forward to loading these up. :) Thanks for the update, PG!

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