Latency between Cubase and bias amp 2

  • Hi all, I recently have bought bias amp 2 after a trial of it. So I'll cut to the chase, when I'm in Cubase I load a track use the bias amp 2 plugin and have zero latency (not enough to be a problem anyway) hearing it without any problems. Then If I use the desktop app standalone I cannot for the life of me get it to run smoothly without noticeable latency I've tried running different settings but it just isn't happening. In both situations im running my guitar plugged into my guitar port ux1 (line 6) into my PC. Is there a fix for this or do I have to open Cubase everytime I want to have a jam ?

  • A2

    Are you running the Line 6 ASIO driver in Cubase? Make sure you are running it in Bias standalone

  • Yea that seems to be the only way I can get a sound out of the standalone which makes sense. Is either super lag or super weird noises 😂

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    @ianson36 Can you let us know the buffer size or take a screenshot of the audio setting in BIAS Amp2 Standalone for a further look?

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    If its working in Cubase, the same drivers and settings should work in Bias standalone.

    If you are using the ASIO drivers, there's a chance something else is taking ownership of them and not letting them run in Bias standalone.

    Definitely send the screenshot Felix was asking for, seems like there is a fundamental issue here