Editing loop lengths

  • I notice most of the verse loop lengths in X-drummer are 8 measures long. When I play a 12 bar blues it is necessary to edit these to shorter or longer length depending on whether you want a fill or something in your drum section. I am finding it difficult to get the loop ends to recognize when I am wanting to lengthen or shorten them, they always just want to move. Is there a tutorial anywhere for editing the individual loops. I've also not been able to get anything but a verse loop to shorten or lengthen size.

  • Hi Slughand. The loop ends/handles can take a while to get used to. Please try grabbing them by tapping and holding down the area just to the left or right of the pattern to get hold of the ends. We'll take a look at the Song Editor and the manipulation of patterns to see if there's more that needs to be refined for the next update.

  • @ben-lee Thank you, because it's very frustrating to the point of just abandoning the app for something else. I see the potential but the user friendliness of it is not there yet. Also, I am using it on an iPad mini which means the area I am trying to manipulate is a little smaller which could be part of the problem.

  • @slughand I understand. We will release small incremental updates in the coming weeks to address the issues that have been reported to us. If you have any more suggestions please let us know right here.

  • @slughand
    I have an iPad mini too and struggle a bit adjusting the lengths of the loops. Zooming in seems to help me.

    The bigger issue for me is that once I shorten a loop, it never stays to the length I adjusted it to. After I shut XDrummer down, the loop length goes back to the original length after opening it back up and pushes the other loops after it up, totally screwing up my arrangement.

  • @dougmiller3699 The 1.5.4 update released this past weekend improves pattern adjustments. Be sure to check out the the latest update from the App Store. Our engineering staff is currently taking a look at a couple quirky issues with the auto save feature. I anticipate that there will be another update coming very soon.

  • @ben-lee Yes, I have the latest version, actually just purchased it over the weekend. I've also noticed that it doesn't save the user drum kit either. I started off using the Metal Kit, adjusted it to my liking and saved it to my User folder under a different name and have it selected during playback and editing. But, once I close down and open back up, it's back to the Metal Kit. I'm on iOS 11.2.1 btw.

    Glad you guys are looking into the bugs. So far, this app is really nice and I've been enjoying it. I see tons of potential for it.

    Not that this should turn into a full DAW app, but having at least four tracks to record would be great and having the ability to record your own drums patterns (and saving them) via tapping the kits (like GarageBand) might be some nice upgrades to consider. Thanks!

  • @dougmiller3699 That's also another area that we're looking at. As it stands, all saved projects will revert back to the default kit (Metal) upon re-loading them. We'll look to improve this by giving users the ability to recall the correct drum kit that was originally saved with the project.

    Thanks for the suggestion here, but given the limited screen real estate we have to work with on the iPad, it was decided to best limit the UI space of the Song Editor, as X Drummer isn't a multi-track recorder. However, if later down the road we do feel that there's a need to implement more DAW-like features into the Song Editor, it would make sense for us to look for ways to expand the Song Editor UI to accommodate these said features and functions. We'll keep monitoring : )

  • @ben-lee That's great! You guys certainly take care of your customers! Also, could the engineers look into keeping the loop function active including keeping the start and end points in their location? After closing and re-opening, it becomes inactive and the start/end points are lost. Thanks!

  • @dougmiller3699 Yes, that's being re-examined as well. We'll be tweaking all things Song Editor-related : )

  • Grabbing the handles of a loop is no problem but there seems no indicator, if you move the handle or the loop.

    Why didn't you colorcode the behavior?

    The loop-bar could be colored if you grab the whole bar and a handle could be colored separately if you grab only the handle (which should work by a click outside the loop area).

  • Editing patterns in Song Editor.
    I think that would be good option if we could get effect like that I show on video after change length or delete patterns (first deleting but not second one on video) https://youtu.be/SdV619TfG4M