Scalable GUI wanted

  • Hey!

    I'm new to Bias amp - and really like the sound and tweak-ability a lot so far!
    On a modern 4k 34" display the GUI is extremly hard to read - would be great to have an option to scale/resize it.
    Also a .pdf manual, where all the parameters are described would be helpful.

    all the best,

  • I agree.

  • +1

    Totally agree. I can resize Ableton, I can resize almost all my other plugins (except ezDrummer...)... So this should me possible.


  • +1 agree, would be a great addition

  • Definitely a need. I have a 4k display and a 1080p monitor. In Cubase 10 and StudioOne 4 with HiDPI enabled Bias FX is very small on the 4k monitor and it is black when dragged to the 1080p monitor or the GUI is messed up and doesn't align with the cursor. Bias AMP 2 is small but usable on 4K monitor and Huge on 1080p monitor but, very useable. Custom scaling would be great or just proper dynamic scaling per the resolution of the monitor.

  • I agree. That would really be very useful.