BIAS FX on Windows 10 with ASIO4ALL and Jack

  • Hello,

    I've recently bought BIAS FX for Windows. Now I have a few questions;

    I have a Roland Edirol UA-25 USB audio-interface and a laptop with Windows 10.
    My goal is: playing live guitar with ultra low latency on the UA-25, with headphones connected and listening to BIAS FX and backing tracks on YouTube, or whatever audio application.

    Since I use this USB audio-interface, I have to deal with latency. Therefor they have this ASIO interfacing. Connecting this way, results in low latency. However, when I connect to this ASIO port, I have an exclusive connection. BIAS FX is the only program that exchanges inputs and outputs. This is ASIO's programdesign.

    I've read about earlier workarounds with multi-ASIO-server applications from Steinway , but that doesn't work anymore in Windows 10 environments, so, a good alternative would be "JACK" (Jack Audio Connection Kit).

    I've watched some YouTube video's about it, but nothing worked for me.

    When I install Jack, the way I did like in this video "", it results in a crash.

    When I start JACK and afterwards BIAS FX, I want to change the audio-settings to ASIO and JackRouter, BIAS FX crashes everytime.


    My question now is; Does someone of you have a short tutorial for me, for installing JACK in the right way in combination with BIAS FX and any browser with YouTube and that they will give output at the same time on my UA-25 device.

    Thank you in advance for your answers....

    Cheerio, FritZZ

  • A2

    Jack winter on facebook is my go to jack and anything Linux audio guy

    For the main problem though, even though you are using asio for bias, almost every current or even semi modern interface still lets you use wdl or waveout at the same time for windows audio, are you sure yours doesn’t? The latency from asio4all is going to suck big time