PSA: Audiobus 3 and Bias FX are super incompatible.

  • I am not sure if the current BFX iOS app is supposed to support Audiobus 3 or not but using my 10.5 iPad Pro with the latest iOS and latest BFX/AB3 this weekend really resulted in a trainwreck.

    I tried to create a simple audiobus chain:
    SysAudio In->BFX->Fiidlicator->SysAudio Out

    Bias Fx simply would not take any audio input everything was dead silent, meters on the app showed no input and no output.

    'Oh well' I thought. I 'ejected' everything in Audiobus and then force closed all the apps. That's when it got weird.

    Reopening Bias FX and the input was crackly/distorted and level so low the noise gate was stopping half the signal.

    Hmm, better restart.... Did not fix it. Oh man.
    Try the restart with Home button thing to clear memory. Nope.
    Okay, uninstall Bias FX and reinstall it. Nope, still broken.
    Finally had to run 'Reset All Settings' from the iPad's settings menu to fix it.

    Knowing what was going on, I intentionally did a second time to verify that Audiobus 3 wrecked the BFX installation for good when it was run and that 'Reset All Settings' would fix it. I dunno what is going on here but PG needs to give it a look. Resetting all settings is a pain, and you have to re-enter all your wifi passwords, iTunes, etc.

    Filing this as a ticket, too; but figured users here would be interested.

  • @elric can confirm that this really sux big and needs attention right now - this is getting old along with the whiteout settings menu in BFX where I actually have to use a magnifying glass to read the menu choices

    but we still have those professional tool tips oh yay

    we need some real settings controls inside BFX for everything > sample rate , bluetooth midi connect , output choices (for multi out cards)

    after I used "reset all settings" I no longer have audio out to my interface from any app and not real happy

    have audio again but it all sounds different now (mainly BA2 seems to have morphed a bit) waiting for BFX to reinstall and taking seriously forever, wonder how it will sound now if it installs tonight...

    Took over an hour to reinstall and back to single sample rate working but total nightmare caused by the interaction between BFX and Audiobus 3

  • I use fiddlicator as an IAA and hardly ever I have issues with it.

  • @mehegama thia ia not an IAA issue it is an Audiobus 3 issue as the title states - thanks for chiming in

  • @tafkad Yes, exactly, I want Audiobus. Not everything I have supports IAA but all my apps of interest work with AB3 except the latest version of BFX.

    I appreciate the IAA support in BFX but at this point, Audiobus is a standard thing on iOS and BFX being the premier guitar amp sim on the platform needs to directly support it. (IMHO).

    Completely trashing the interface's config in such a way that it survives reboots, affects other apps, etc, makes this a very SERIOUS bug. It basically renders the device unusable for audio until it is corrected and there is no obvious recourse.

    I also noticed the return of the white/invisible menus. :-/

    I still have not received any reponse on the Bug report, BTW.

    Calling the PG crew... @Felix @Joe-Kuo @Mike

  • @elric man even though I have it working again BFX is acting like a major pain in the ass to get going now with other apps like I had it before with Quantillop - it keeps resetting the input channel to input 1 on it's own when I go to other apps to make adjustments (has to be on input 2 for me) and then sometimes is not passing any audio and has to be closed and opened - taking me like 5 minutes just to get it all set up when before I could just open Quantillop and it would load all IAA's for the project and good to go instantly

  • @tafkad @mike any chance this will get some attention and mentioned in a useful update anytime soon? seems like this would be one of those priorities

  • Update on the support ticket: Man PG was a lot slower than normal on this one. Dunno if they are swamped after the Holiday sales with new support or what. Anyway, they did acknowledge the issue and said they are working on a fix but no time frame or promises/info beyond that.

  • @elric hey thanks man good to know - I saw the post this morning where the cat was recording video using audiobus 3 with BFX and irig recorder and thought I'd try again - totally wrecked all my apps again and having to do a restore from backup to try and save it again, hope they figure it out someday soon

  • @tafkad Thanks I saw it too... I was thinking the poster must be on an older version of the app or audiobus or iOS or something, I am on all latest, I am pretty sure.