X Drummer unusable after in app store visit

  • Checked out the app since it was on sale - iPad pro 2nd Gen iOS 12.1

    Seemed cool enough so went for the expansions - turns out after that the app is unusable completely - opened a ticket but would like to hear a response in real time.

    After the expansions all content is gone and app is in hyper crash mode and reinstall brings it back to normal "before restoring expansions" after which is junked again - some screenshots (people may want to avoid this until there is a proper response):

    EDIT: Even after getting all in-app content refunded I discover that if I just look at the in-app store + close the app and reopen = Broken = I guess it's not that important to me or to them to use it so refunded app and will avoid until I get direct confirmation of the issue and a fix


  • @tafkad i have the same problem. Have the support people given you any response?.

  • @david-gutierrez-aguayo nothing yet, I was able to get the app for the holiday give away and just waiting for them to sort it out

  • Did you get this sorted out?

    I've purchased most of the packs and had zero issues like this.