Is there a specific list of what comes with the Bias Head?

  • Hello, I just bought a used Bias Amp off of Reverb which is less than a year old and I won’t receive it until Wednesday. Your sale ends Sunday and I’m not sure what comes with the Amp other than the seller said that it does have the activation code with it. I wanted to make some in-app purchases but like I said, I’m not sure what comes with it and what I should buy... I might not be able to purchase anything until I get the amp and by then, your sale will have ended.

    Any info that you can give me would really be appreciated . Thanks for your time,


  • Moderator

    @chris-kane BIAS Head is shipped with a free BIAS Amp2 desktop version license, you can get it after register the BIAS Head device to your Positive Grid account.

  • So what happens if I already bought Bias Amp 2 through the iOS app with my iPad Pro? Am I just out the money now? I’m suppose to receive my Bias Head tomorrow.