help with iPad Output levels for Bias Fx.

  • so i have both bias fx and pedal apps and really have trouble with the output in bias fx, i edit pedals and then add them to FX but the output lvl is really tooooo loud, even when i try to edit the output. from pedal to pedal its such a dramatic volume change for what is the same global output. I'm using iRig HD2 and my iPad mini 4. am i doing something wrong? any help would be appreciated. Also, can some please tell me how to start a new patch, I've only been able to start one from a preset and totally change it.

  • not sure if this helps, but the ipad volume control has direct control on overall output. i was having issues with almost no output till i learned this trick.

  • Yes i know about the global output, the problem is if i change that to control the effect volume i would have the clean signal so low that i couldn't hear the clean guitar signal when not running the effects. now in the Bias pedal app i can change the pedal output but somewhere in-between sending it to Bias fx app that output lvl get changed back to the original output, which is an insane volume jump. I have no idea why the saved global output of the pedal doesn't carry over but it makes it unusable, I'm trying to use bias fx as my multi effects into my amp. Ideally it would be awesome if i could add the pedals and only get a volume jump if thats what i wanted but as it stands that not the case.

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    The entire, per-preset, global output utilities system on this could use some real world, end user signal path considerations....per preset master volume for sure. Its not just Bias, the rest of these iOS apps have the same issues for the most part

  • can you place the volume pedal into the signal chain and set the output where you want it to be then save the preset?

  • . i am using the iRig hd2 so the iPad volume button has no effect.
    wouldn't it just do the same thing, unless i can link the volume pedal to the effects pedal.

  • the volume pedal can be placed anywhere in the chain and set to the level you want. saving the preset then should keep it at that preset level. taming one preset to the next.

  • this of course assumes your not using active volume pedal midi controls.

  • so what your saying is save the effect and a volume pedal as a preset patch instead of independently controlling the pedal by itself? ill give it a try

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    For me I use the 10 band eq per patch to set master volume, but there are massive problems inherent in that as well

  • Also does any one use a midi controller or bluetooth foot switch? looks like your limited tot the Blueboard for the bluetooth controller.

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    I use a Blueboard, but other people use the Positive Grid one, and the Sonoma Wireworks one

  • if you use a camera adapter that gives you access to usb you can use a midi pedal with a usb adapter or as i am doing build a usb midi pedal with an arduino and the hiduino firmware.
    i use the line 6 sonicport vx as my input device as well

  • Ok. Cool thanks for all the replies!