Bias Amp 2 pro 64 and Bias FX std 64 issue

  • Hello,
    I am Oliviero and I am from Italy so, first of all... forgive my mistakes in English ;)

    I purchased my Bias Amp 2 64 std (great sound! So I immediately upgraded to pro!!) and my Bias FX std 64 during Black Friday.

    I loved suddenly your products! I never heard something like that coming out of my pc monitors! I could not believe to my ears!

    But I had a lot of crashes to desktop!

    I mean... I use my old Line6 Guitar Port as an interface, I set ASIO correctly in Bias Amp (or FX) settings and I choose Guitar Port as input/output device. And everything worked correctly until I tried “match amp” utility: I followed instructions, choose a .wav file with an isolated guitar track, then I played my guitar and... chrash to dt!!!
    When I tried to restart application, a popup reminded me that Guitar Port failed something that i cannot remember at the moment... :(
    I restarted my pc, restarted Bias Amp 2, I re-did all but... other crash!

    Same thing when I tried to load an IR: crash to dt :’(

    The same happens with Bias FX when I try to load some sounds downloaded from cloud: crash to desktop with something that scared me a lot: the famous “blue screen error”... I had to restart my pc with reset button!

    Why that? Where am I wrong?

    Any help will be appreciated!
    I hope to fully understand your instructions