New Bias Head..can I run it with a Marshall 2x12 cab?

  • I'm sure this topic has been played to death but I am hoping to get a quick answer..I just got the Bias Head and went with a 2x12 Marshall cab @ 150 watts. I've been told I should be good, but to not turn it up too loud. Can anyone offer a little more insight or direction on that? Is there something I should be listening for or looking for when playing to find that sweet spot? I am only using the rig for casual jamming with a couple guitar players and a drummer...nothing too huge. Just making noise :) Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • It will be fine, if you do not get carried away with the output level of the Bias head. The one way to find the threshold of damage is as follows:
    -Connect guitar>Head>Cab
    -Start with Output knob at the 7 o'clock position
    -Find a clean sound you like and that has a healthy amount of low end.
    -Get it matched up in level to the rest of your pre-sets, (there are A LOT of points with in the signal flow of these amps where the level can/will/should be adjusted) but star with the Master knob.
    -While playing, incrementally turn up the Output knob until either A: it is plenty loud, B: it is too loud, or C: you start hearing the speakers on the verge of break up.
    -"C" will be your max level before damage is a strong possibility.
    I hope this makes sense and works for you.

  • The sound would get crappy way before you'd ever blow the speakers, so you would know to stop turning up way before you damaged anything as long as you don't just torque it all the way to max from the get go... Even then there is a good chance it would not blow them as long as you did not run like that for a significant period.

    I run a 300W SS power amp into a 200W cab and have never had issues.

  • I have used this exact setup with out any issues.
    I have never maxed the amp since .. well .. its loud enough even with a heavy handed drummer. The only thing I have to be careful about is that some of the amps in tonecloud are a lot louder than others so try them out at lower output settings before kicking in some volume.
    Also , remember to save your settings on the amp if you are making changes (for example if you are changing settings that might impact volume). When you switch between amps , the head goes back to the last saved setting (except for the output).

  • You've had a few replies, but I ran the Bias head through an orange ppc212 for a while which I believe is rated at 120 watts, so like others have said; as long as you don't over do it on the volume it'll be fine. Your hearing will be hurting long before the cab is anyway!

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    @rtodddesigns It should be working fine with a Marshall 2x12 cab. I'm running it through a 4x12Marshall cab at 16ohm and it's super loud.
    Also, technically there's an internal protection on the power module of the BIAS Head, so the protection will be activated when it's overloaded.