Bias FX - Track Panning in Grouped Tracks Not Working Properly in Reaper.

  • Hey Peeps - Recording Newbie here.

    Having an issue with track panning not working properly with my grouped tracks in Reaper. I usually record two DI rhythm tracks, one hard L and the other hard R, sent to a guitar bus with my amp sims and other effects on it.

    The problem I'm having is, as soon as I group the tracks, the panning ceases to work and my tracks play back in mono. Not sure what it is. When I add other amp sims, it works properly but for some reason I can't get the panning to work with Bias FX. When I try the Mono to Stereo option in Bias, the only options I get are panning left or right and neither one seems to do anything.

    I know Bias FX is already a stereo plugin, so that can't be the problem. Like I said, I run other amp sims - including Bias Amp - and my panning works just fine; this is an issue specific with Bias FX. I have a newer computer, so I can just run multiple instances of the plugin before I really slow it down, but I would really prefer to be able to just run one instance of the plugin with several panned tracks fed into it, as I tend to quad track every now and than, and it saves processing power.

    Any ideas would be madly appreciated. My interface is a Focusrite 2i2, if it helps, and I'm running the standard version of the plug-in. Thank you!

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    How exactly are you grouping? Folders?

  • @pipelineaudio Yes, folders. I create a track with all the effects, and group the panned tracks into it.

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    Can you upload the *.rpp?