Request Features BiasFX iPad

  • I finallly got the guts to try using Bias FX during a church service. I used and IRig HD2 and a BlueBoard to change patches. It really did work just fine and the sound is awesome. There were some issues getting it set up, and as a result, I am back to using a Line6 Pod HD500x and/or a Line6 Stomp HX (great devices, great sound, work with USB to iPad) due to simplicity. If Positive grid could get the folllowing working it would be nice:

    1. Store tempo with patches. You can do this on delays by using a ms value. So if you want an 1/8 note at 98 BPM there are plenty of calculators on the web to give you the value. This is a hack and makes setting up patches complicated. Tap tempo is not a great option.

    2. Moving/Modifying/Deleting patches to and from different banks just doesn’t seem to exist w/o going to a patch and saving it to a different bank. On the ipad this could be way easier.

    3. A real method to backup banks, and patches. The current backup to Dropbox is good, but I can’t restore just stuff I want. And no, putting patches on Tonecloud one by one is really cumbersome.

    4. Backup to other clouds like OneDrive, etc...

    Positive Grid is on the right path, but any requests I have put in seem to just be blanketed with a form letter saying they received my message. I don’t know if they internallly pick up guitars and try a live setting with their software, but it could help in understanding how people need certain features. I would also recommend that developers use competitive products to really understand what works and what doesn’t.

    Until then, the hardware solution like a POD HD500x and Stomp HX works really slick. I do believe once the software is ‘live ready’, I will go that direction because of the flexibility and awesome sound.

  • Since it is on iOS it should support iCloud, IMHO. Then you could sync desktop and multiple iOS devices from a single collection of presets.