I"m having some problems with BIAS Amp2 and FX

  • I reinstalled my Bias programs and now I'm having some problems between Bias Amp2 and FX.

    There are several Amp that I created in Amp2, which I deleted, that are still showing up in Bias FX and I cant find how to remove them from FX. Also, there are several amps that are visible in Bias FX and should be there, but have disappeared in Bias Amp2. How do I get the available amps in both programs to match up?

    A second problem is that when I open the Bias Amp2 section in Bias FX, about half of the amps dont have a picture, those are just empty spaces with a name under it. How do I get all amps to show?

    And a third issue, is that some amp are present in Bias FX twice, but when I call them up, of those is another amp, with the name label of the correct one. On the amp itself, in the control panel it has the correct name, but in the library, as well as the signal path window, it has the wrong name.
    How do I get the proper name labels connected to all amps?

    I already reinstalled and before installing again, I removed every last file and folder from all Bias programs from my computer and had CCleaner clean up files and registry. I even reinstalled the whole computer from a freshly installed Windows up. I only copied the backuped preset folders back, instead of the whole folder from Documents, as I normally do.

    Any advise on how to fix these problems would be most appreciated.