4-cable method question

  • Day 1 with the BIAS Head Processor, which is the head without the 600w power section.

    Not a studio guy. I'm looking for perfect tone in a gig rig.

    My former setup was the Line 6 Helix (Floor unit) into the Line 6 Powercab+.

    The setup I want is Helix > BIAS Head > Powercab, using the 4-cable method.

    Do any of you guys gig with this setup? Ideally I would like to use the Helix MIDI to select amp presets in the BIAS head.

    Any suggestions would be helpful. There is just nothing out there on the amp-less BIAS Head so I'm assuming everything that applies to the powered version applies to the unpowered version, regarding software and settings.

    Do any of you use a midi pedal to switch presets? Haven't found any tutorials yet and my eyes glaze over when reading MIDI tables. Again any help would be appreciated.

  • @jmhrmail

    I've controlled the presets using MIDI. Match channels and 0-127 on the pedal will only use the allocated slots for amps. Clean 1-5, Glassy 6-10, Blues 11-15, Hi Gain 16-20, and Metal 21-25. Obviously the cleanest way to use this would be to have a MIDI pedal with multiple banks of "5". presets.

    I only played with the CC's for the noise gate and the reverb on/off using a Rocktron MidiMate. The NG on/off worked, but the Reverb on/off did not. apparently I found a bug that PG needs to fix. They've been alerted of this.

    I use normal pedals in front of my Bias and delay, mods, verbs in the loop and this works great. Using 4C should be just as easy as long as you figure your levels out and what out for ground loops.

    Good luck

  • Thanks for the reply.

  • A2

    This really does sound like the ideal combo. Line 6 pulls a LOT LOT LOT of bonehead moves, and its always up to debate whether they're idiots, or just really sharp at marketing (and crippleware's role in it), but the Helix was hit right out of the park

    With its floating FX loop and floating IR loader, Helix gives desktop FX power to the Bias head

    It would be nice if PG made something like this, hint hint!

  • @jmhrmail I'm using the HD500X with the 4 cable method and as the midi controller. It works amazing! I had a bit of a learning curve, but once it's figured out, the two go great together.