Forced to pay for Upgrade for 79. Not allowed to by for 49.

  • Hi! I have BIAS AMP 2 LE. When I try to buy BIAS AMP 2 Std for 49 it forces me to press Upgrade. And it cost me 79 in my cart. Hope it is just a bug.

    Otherwise it is not fair. (Well, whole life is). I can not kill my LE version and buy it as a new product for 49 which is too strange. Any ideas?

  • same for me man. Going from Bias Amp Pro to Bias Amp 2 is listed as $49. Comes out to $79 in cart. So much for the half off log in to see pricing ad!

  • @dim-g @proceedeth

    Contact support they will take care of you - had a similar issue and they rectified it within 24 hours - just explain your issue and screenshot it if you want to attach a picture, busy guys these days so remember a kind word and a positive demeanor goes a long way - cheers

  • All I see when I hit upgrade is the same price as someone who just buys for the first time $99 for pro. I don't see the purpose of paying the same for an upgrade as getting the software as a new download.

  • @tim-0 @dim-g @proceedeth @ any others with similar issues

    take a screenshot so we can "see" it too

    I log into my account go to the store and see "full original price with a slash mark through the price" for the things I own - but for the ones I already own the "add to cart" button says "download" instead. When I add an "upgrade" item to the cart it is correct price - I did not start with any "LE" versions and maybe that is an issue for some of you but in any case go through a "support ticket" and they will fix this because yes they want your money.

    This is easily sorted out through support - again we can't see what you see without a screen shot because making statements alone here is not the way

    Also the deals are different if you buy 1 item vs a bundle, on a bundle it's even cheaper.

    Here is all that I can see and show and pay attention to the cart because I can either buy the last 2 items missing from my collection on sale @ $49 ea or get them in the bundle upgrade @ $65 a much better deal:
    0_1543008515094_Differences .png
    0_1543008524814_price answers.png


  • Two screenshots. 1. Logged in as my user with a previous Bias Standard License
    2. Not logged in.

    0_1543022257739_Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 6.14.51 PM.png

    0_1543022269149_Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 6.15.02 PM.png

  • @tim-0 there you go that is a support issue and they will honor the sale price I'm sure no matter what - get that support ticket in right away

    Did you start with a free/LE version? curious if this is part of the issue with the site recognizing the proper adjustment (though this should not be happening and is more important than adding in app news...)

    Best of luck!

  • @tafkad - I started with standard.

  • @tim-0 thanks that is good to know as well - hope you get this worked out soon - take care