Help downloading Bias FX pro...

  • So I've bought the bundle pack of Amp Pro 2 and Bias FX Pro.

    they appeared in my downloads yet when I clicked them neither of them would download, the page would load and then eventually crash.
    Tried on multiple computers and browsers.

    I emailed Positive and one of them replied back saying to delete cookies and try again.

    Well this worked perfectly with the Amp 2 program. However it's doing nothing for the Bias FX download.
    My friend from another country bought Bias Fx aswell earlier and he's experiencing the exact same problem.

    Anyone else got/had this problem or a fix because atm the person from Bias is even stumped on how to progress.
    The only thing that I can think of is if someone is able to upload the Bias Fx Pro to a site and I can download from that then login using my account but shrugs



  • @conor_royston1993 sent you a message for a workaround