Weird noise when sustaining notes/chords

  • Hi guys,

    I love Bias FX so far. Sadly it's pretty much unusable for recording for me because no matter what I do there seems to be this weird noise when I'm sustaining notes. I've tried different sounds, tweaking sounds and effects, noise filters, changed guitars, cables, nothing seems to get rid of it. It's less apparant/annoying with certain sounds but always there.
    (I use a Les Paul standard straight into a m-audio mobilepre interface)

    Because it's hard to describe you can listen to it here (just turn up the volume, it's very apparent imho, especially on the chord):

    Any help appreciated.


  • I am not really sure, but you could try to pay attention to the main out volume of the app, to the down right side. When this goes red, it is digital clipping, that sounds very nasty. But your noise is heard a little later than the loud sound, so I am not sure. Maybe is the hardware configuration too.

  • thx, I think volume is not the issue. The "anomaly" happens just the same only more quite. I think my interface is the issue. A friend gifted it to me and it looks pretty cheap. Did a quick test with a different interface today and couldn't hear any issues.
    Gonna get me an iRig now, seems like a very versatile tool.

  • @matpet1337 just opinion - skip all IK iRig devices they are cheaply made and the preamps are not great - 2 cards I have used that work well:

    #1 Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 is still a great all around versatile and well made interface that has quality components inside - seriously great deal
    #2 Mackie Artist 1.2 (or the bigger one I suppose) using this now and it works well sounds good and is very affordable

    I tried many IK devices and was always disappointed in the quality

    Search the hardware posts here there is a lot of other great options - some nice interfaces that are a control pedal as well - best of luck with the path you decide on, cheers

    PS I did listen to your sample earlier and my thoughts right away was the interface but don't like to put down others gear if it is what they like (it sounded like an IK device..)

  • Or, if you go for an iRig, the analog (and very cheap) one will work only for practice. The sound quality will not be good for recording (only for trying little ideas) and the output bleeds in the input if you are hearing a drum, another guitar or a metronome at the same time. But I was very happy with one of these for study and practice for a couple of years. After that I changed to the (IK too, but digital) iRig Pro Duo and it works very very well to my ears. I don't know if their preamps aren't good in comparison with others, but for me it works fine.

  • Thanks for your suggestions... I've been researching interfaces for the past 12 hours :D Seems it's almost impossible to find something that is compatible with all my devices. So many choices. The Makie Onyx is on sale right now... That's seems like a good choice.