Please, PG, take away the "New public announcement system"

  • Consider starting your DAW with 15 plugins, and all those plugins telling about things you might want to buy or new enhancements or whatever.
    The "New public announcement system" is a seriously bad idea.
    Positive Grid, please, take it away.

    Or has someone something positive to say about it?

  • @john total agreement - in an expensive "PRO" audio app I do not want more bloat and I knew how to find the app in the first place and know how to find news - that is why we have user accounts

    Positive Grid Please stay focused on useful features and stop following the crowd toward "user friendly BS options" I do not want or need in my paid app - cheers

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    Hi guys thank you for all your feedbacks, they're well received, thank you!

  • @mike thanks Mike really respect the app and feel it should be reflected in the interface (like the new tool tips thing telling us to plug in an audio interface...) these little things really are not needed and those who need help can ask and them that need news I'm sure can find it, I mean they find the app right? - thanks again for the hard work!

  • Haven't had the pleasure yet myself, but have no interest in installing the latest version of BIAS Amp Pro, BIAS FX Pro or BIAS Amp2 Elite now. They should at least make it optional, a setting to either have it on or off (even though I haven't seen it, just not interested)

    I wonder, seeing as they have just updated BIAS Amp 1 with this nonsense, will they be making any further updates to Amp 1? I doubt it.

    How about spending time on things that are badly needed in stead of this type of crap, value displays for all the nobs etc, so you can actually see what is what instead of being 'blind' (I know, real amps don't have value readouts bla bla bla, but this isn't a real amp) most all of the competition has this, it would be nice to be able to see the various settings values at a quick glance, as it is now it's pathetic, it should be a no brainer. How about fixing the loading times, the general sluggishness of the GUI, the preset management system, how about presets for individual modules like fx pedals etc (see Amplitube for eg) and on and on you could go. All these areas are really substandard in the BIAS range of products, especially when compared to the competition.

    Great sounding products, but way behind the curve in a lot of areas that would make life much easier, and are included in other competing products off the bat. Sometimes it feels to me like everything was just thrown together without a lot of fore thought, so much missing that should just be there from the start. Look at the Celestion cabs in BIAS FX, no distinction between the 3 cabs of a certain model, all have the same name, what's with that? I know it's not hard to work out what is what, but at least in Amp2 they have the distinction 1x12,2x12,4x12 etc, but in BIAS FX they all have the same name??

    I can really understand why people bag PG and the BIAS line, and why it has such a bad name around the traps, it's completely understandable, and you can't really defend it, the "but it sounds great" (which is subjective, a personal thing really) argument only goes so far.

    If we ever do get the above mention features/fixes or any other, the general inadequacies and glaring omissions added/fixed, I hope it's to the entire range of products and not just the latest. If the past is anything to go by, we will be lucky if even the latest products get any of it, but surely since it was seen fit to go back and update BIAS Amp (1) with this advertisement rubbish, that it (and other older products) would also benefit from any actually 'useful' (needed!!!) future additions, which to be honest should have been there from the start. IMO highly unlikely, but one can hope.

    I love the products, but all the issues and inadequacies, the glaring omissions wear a little thin after a while, and it's only a matter of time before competing products that DO already have a lot of these no brainer inclusions well and truly overtake the BIAS range. Some, a lot would say they already have.

  • Just having a think, does anyone really think Positive Grid listens?, well maybe they do listen, but I don't think they actually hear anything. Now it's pretty much common knowledge that the BIAS products, in comparison to other competing products have unusually long loading times and sluggish GUI's etc etc, it's one of the first hings people will say when they are trashing Positive Grid and the BIAS family of products, you can even read about it here over and over on their own forum, there can be no mistake, people aren't imagining it. Yet here they come and add something that is essentially useless in the overall scheme of what the product is for, the public announcement system, now this may well have a low resource consumption I don't know, but regardless of how low it is, it is surely exacerbating the loading time issue and perhaps detrimental to the sluggish GUI issues, albeit in a small way, and for what? it's ridiculous.

    Look at all the products, BIAS Amp, BIAS FX, BIAS Pedal (dist,Mod,Delay), it's all a hodge podge, like a pot luck lunch where everything is thrown in together, mixed around and hope for the best. There doesn't seem to be very much consistency, the same amp will sound different from Amp to FX, there is a different sonic character, sometimes big sometimes small, it's almost like there is no direction, it's where ever the wind will blow today. Thankfully, to a certain degree, everything ends up under the same roof in BIAS FX, but it's far from ideal with the sonic inconsistencies etc of all the ingredients in this pot luck lunch.

    Sometimes I think that looks played a more important role than function, pretty little pictures, pretty little knobs, some of those pretty little knobs you can't even see the indicator on (this may be different on different systems, but other products don't suffer from it, so . . . ? ) the Gold capped ones, the Marshall like ones, say the Plexiglas. I'll be damned if I can just glance and see where the indicator is, the reflections, the shadows/contrasts etc, I actually have to get in close and squint and concentrate to try and see where it is pointing, and then it's only a guess. No way of seeing a readout unless you actually move the knob, and then . . . oh it's moved, so was it on 5.5 or 5.4 or 5.3 or what? who knows, ridiculous. Then you turn a dial to 12 oclock, which you might assume would be 5, yet the readout says 6.7? what is that? never mind, rhetorical question, I know what it is, it's BS, that's what it is.

    So much potential, yet so many little things that should be there but aren't, so many little issues, it really pisses me off, and I don't think PG listens, let alone cares, sometimes I don't think they have a clue what people want or need. When I switch to another product after getting pissed of with BIAS, it's so refreshing for all these basic things to just be there, working perfectly and reliably, making life so much easier, I shake my head and ask why? do they really have no clue? are they really that detached? Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

  • "Please, PG, take away the "New public announcement system"

    Changes in BIAS FX Desktop
    Added the in-app store that shows the available licenses/packs with promotion info right within the app

    Yep, they are listening . . . no doubt about it :) lol

    Time to try and sell my PG account, I'll never be updating any of the products again with this useless crap being added. How about fixing the issues/adding the blatantly obvious missing features that are available in practically all other competing products and 99.9% of known plugins, that make usage so much easier and is actually useful in the context of the products usage instead of useless crap.

  • PG:s products are not perfect, of course, but for me they have got their priorities right. Especially Bias Amp 2 is superb. The sound is what’s most important, and in BA2 you can build really superb amps.
    For me, that’s what really counts. I’m just afraid the more irritating defects may harm their future. Because I really, really want to keep on having access to that level of sound.
    Thank you Positive Grid!

  • @john for sure the sound is what keeps us in and coming back and what makes us spend the money - and I like many did it all without "in app news" which they have now added to the release notes for the current BFX update which I too will be skipping until they either take it away or give a way to disable it permanently by choice - I keep my old installers going way back and have rolled back BA2 and BA1 to get rid of this total nuisance feature and those too I will not update until they take it out or give a disable. It's bad enough they have to be on the "facecrook" bandwagon and treat their users like they all sit and stare at memes all day

    I hope my next hardware amp makes me login to use it and then has a screen built in just to give me news updates since I am unable to read the news updates on any website....

    The in-app news has NOTHING to offer but waste of time and this is completely disheartening in a pro audio app when so many other little features and quirks need real attention and addition

  • @john said in Please, PG, take away the "New public announcement system":

    Consider starting your DAW with 15 plugins, and all those plugins telling about things you might want to buy or new enhancements or whatever.
    The "New public announcement system" is a seriously bad idea.
    Positive Grid, please, take it away.

    Or has someone something positive to say about it?


  • @john said in Please, PG, take away the "New public announcement system":

    but for me they have got their priorities right.

    Really? So your reason for starting this thread. "Please, PG, take away the 'New public announcement system" was to show your appreciation, your agreement with their priorities in putting in this useless feature, instead of something actually useful?, or fixing one of the many issues? ;) hmmmm . . . dodo dodo dodo dodo dodo dodo, interesting . . . something not quite right there I think ;)

    You must love the "in-app Store" now as well, really useful stuff, who cares about issues and omissions of basic ease of use features that practically all other products have standard when you can have a public announcement system and an in-app Store instead? ;) Interesting to see you agree with these priorities.

  • @dawseeker To me the products from positive Grid are really good. That doesn't mean they are perfect. Spam is not a good thing, but the most important aspects of their software are really high class in my eyes.
    Perfection is not realistic. If you hate their products so much maybe they aren't for you.

    From my point of view, I want them to keep going, doing superbly what they do well. Which doesn't mean I don't think some things are bad. Taking away the announcement system (or just not activating it) looks like an easy thing to change without taking programming time from more important things (although I leave it to PG to decide that).

    No reason to spread hate.

  • There is no hate, it's software, get a grip.

    I do however despise fanboyism and the kissing of a companies butt. They owe me nothing, I owe them nothing, I payed for my products, they delivered them, I purchased them as is at the time of purchase, albeit with the hope that the omissions and issues would be addressed, which they have never been, no expectations, just hope, I purchased the products (all of them for the PC) as is.

    I am just being realistic, all the products suffer from the same issues, and share the same basic omissions, and have done from the very beginning, and with each addition/generation of the lineup, nothing has changed, the issues and omissions still remain, as I am sure you are aware and have read about here and elsewhere, that's just a fact, an undeniable fact. Why think the future will be any different?

    If you choose to disregard the events, or non events of the past, and live in some fairy rose colored world, that is your choice, I prefer to see things for what they are and what they have been.

  • @dawseeker Stop yelling at me.

  • @john that's a bit of an exaggeration as was saying he "spread hate" and "hates the products so much" as there is no yelling in his statements - everyone has an opinion and some are less cheery is all - like you feel it's all superb with "priorities right" and that is yours to state and believe and is a bit contradictory of the original message of this thread you stared so I get where he was coming from responding to that statement. If you feel offended just add him to your Block list and you will never have to read his statements. I happen to totally agree with the omissions and the issues that need attention and also think that in app promotion of news is a joke and as you started the thread I also agree with your first original post. I feel those are priorities all being overlooked or set aside. All in the spirit of calmness of course. - Cheers

  • @john said in Please, PG, take away the "New public announcement system":

    @dawseeker Stop yelling at me.

    Who's yelling?

    dodo dodo dodo dodo dodo dodo . . . I think I have entered the twilight zone ;)

    or at least one of us has ;)

  • PG Products have great potential, that potential however has not and is not being realized, and being held back by these basic usability omissions that have existed right from the very start, and other issues which many people here and elsewhere have complained about over and over and over again, still nothing happens . . . except of course the oh so useful stuff like the 'Public Announcement System' and the 'in-app Store'

    Just have a read around the various forums on the net, read the opinions of people on the outside concerning PG and their products. There is a very familiar thread running through what they say, and the points they bring up are in fact true.

  • A2

    Wow, I got bit by this today on a project with 8 instances of Bias running when I had the band in to check the mix

    Pretty embarrassing actually :(

  • @pipelineaudio new iPad update with important new "improvement" features:
    yay news since updates were never automatically shown in all platforms...
    and a better metronome neat...

    Still no sample-rate controls
    no Bluetooth midi connect
    no serious output mixer (still just headphone / speaker)
    and no better visibility on all controls that are obscured when adjusting or just too tiny

    but I guess that news link added to the all important facebook and twitter links makes up for it

    If in app promotion is so important then how do people find your apps when they don't own them to see this in app promotion? just silly it's like chicken and egg and just looks like some small admission that sales are more important and or lacking. If so lower the price on all the desktop versions to be way more competitive (yes even after I paid for all you have I would still like to see it priced much lower for the new people) that would be the better way to promote beyond any "news" feature taking up creative space and time. Seriously overpriced compared to the entire market.

  • Man, I am really glad I do not get bitter over sh*t like this.

    How do you guys make it through a day in the modern world without going into some kind of joyless nihilistic rage with this kind of resentment being generated from trivial stuff like this? LOL. The current age of technology is filled with this and it will only get more intense. Google already knows what cereal you had for breakfast; pretty soon the cereal bowl is going to tell Alexa to ask you if you want more delivered. It's gonna get way suckier before it gets better.

    Channel that blind self-destructive anger into your music... Oh wait, you can't because, pop-ups. :)

    I'm okay with it as long as they don't abuse it. PG devs gotta eat and pay rent, doncha know. I'm kind of interested in new stuff and deals as long as they don't go insane with it.