I ve founded a really nice app to capture video and sound!

  • Hi peoples, I have finally founded an app allowing me to capture with my iPad the inner sound of bias fx and filming myself at the same time in order to post them on youtube, Instagram ect.
    The app is also compatible with Inter App, that’s pretty cool!
    The name of the app is “VD Jam”, I really like the concept but the quality of the capture of the video could be better, also maybe the sound.
    Last week I sent a message to the developer but I didn’t get answers yet, the app seem to be abandoned.
    If there is someone who is good at programming that would be great to make an app like this but with a better video\audio capacity.

  • @marvinleprix interesting app and nice find - little buggy but a better version of this would be an excellent tool. Needs to let you rotate the video (device) instead of locking it to an iPhone view / sideways. This would be the kind of thing Positive Grid could benefit it's mobile user base to have as a separate app on a built in accessible feature for making video demos using mobile bias apps live for sharing.

  • Yeah I totally agree with you positive grid should develop the concept and make it better!