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  • No time to test it but this looks very positive and good news indeed (will test after work) hope to hear some feedback on this as we have been waiting for this fix for quite a while:


  • @tafkad I have tested it after work. I can see that the change is actually faster now. But it makes still a little noise in the moment of the change, at least with headphones. I have not tested with power amplifier.

  • Anyone using it on iPhone? I’d love to see it be able to load IAA inside Bias fx. I haven’t been able to accomplish this on iPhone

  • This is not on the download page.

  • @korkenknopfus much improved on my iPad as well - getting better

    this announcement is "mobile apps" not desktop and why I posted here - hope to see this news for desktop soon as well ? (not listed in today's release history notes) unless we will see it in app now

    "New :A public announcement system that brings user the latest news and announcements right within the app"

  • How much of an improvement is it really? @pipelineaudio you see this Aaron?

  • Desktop is available. But patch change latency was apparently not a desktop issue, and has no bearing on my experience anyways. The 'news' feature is across the platforms.

  • @tannhauser said in Hope on the Horizen:

    This is not on the download page.

    @tannhauser said in Hope on the Horizen:

    has no bearing on my experience anyways

    What was your point for bringing it up here on the mobile apps post then? the post was about the iOS platform which is where the screenshot came from

  • @brian-dress it's not 100% perfect yet Brian but noticeably improved - some still have a slight audible moment before all changes take place but better than before and others are changing well enough not to matter. I have not tried inside a mix so this is just listening to it without drums or other instruments but my guess is inside the mix will be way better than it was.

  • A2

    I havent gotten to install it yet, Im dying to, but we've been busy putting in this:

  • @pipelineaudio that looks way fun pipe - I think you'll be pleased with the improvement, may not be perfect but much better and makes the mobile just that more usable in the live situation

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    The drivers are pretty bad, but if it turns out usable, I’m probably going to sell off a ton of our interfaces and mic pres and just get redundant stuff like x32 racks and S32s. The peace of mind of knowing you can replace 32 mic pres for the price of 8 mic pres is awesome...not worrying about 48 analog cables and 6 extremely sketchy adat cables plus word clock craziness, and knowing that it all gets replaced by one single cheap Ethernet cable is worth its weight in gold

    I’m going to see what, if anything can be done about the drivers, if not maybe going to Dante or a distant possibility of doing madi or a aes50 pci card

    We already started work8ng on the touch OSC to see how to help out with that Control Surface Integration thread, but that only applies to these ones with faders, personally, I would just be using the x32 rack instead of the full x32 or the m32

    It feels so far like the mic pres are a step down, but they do have a pretty fun angry character that might do some good in a mix, I need to get much more familiar. I can always plug my old ones in if I have to

  • @pipelineaudio you need to test this iOS update switching improvement and post what you think when you get a chance

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    Wow! Much better switching between presets on Bias FX mobile!!! Definitely usable. Could be faster, but its in the range of just about everyone else's (aside from our custom scripts of course :) ) There is a nasty click I'm getting between all the presets, that would be nice to ditch, but certainly more than usable now, amazing work amazing difference!

    I did get that bug back that seems to happen on Bias FX Mobile where all the writing and background of the menus turns white so you can't really read it

  • @pipelineaudio said in Hope on the Horizen:

    ..There is a nasty click I'm getting between all the presets, that would be nice to ditch..

    Hmm not experiencing that here - so many factors though with different hardware interfaces and iPad's who knows on that one - no menu bug either, not ever seen that here that I recall - I will check again tomorrow

  • @tafkad I hear the nasty click, too. Maybe has to do with changing between very different patches? I have not investigated this yet. But in all my cases I heard the click. The speed of the change was of course better than before, as I said.

  • @tafkad said in Hope on the Horizen:

    What was your point for bringing it up here on the mobile apps post then? the post was about the iOS platform which is where the screenshot came from

    Ahh, didn't notice that. I look at posts mainly through the 'unread' icon above. I did look at your original post to see if it was mobile-related, but as there is no 'topic path' shown at the top of the page, I didn't get the idea it was mobile-only.

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    Forum software really needs to let us know where a post is lying, its bitten me several times as well

  • Thanks @Mike @Felix @Joe-Kuo
    Great update!! Loving the improvements

  • @pipelineaudio well I did a more extensive play session and no nasty click between presets here - hard to say the exact cause [ soundcard - iPad version - amp set ups - who knows ] but should not happen and hope it gets sorted out there

    The "menu whiteout" bug - never had it till today and it was about the 3rd or 4th time I opened the menu and it is now unreadable - but those important tool-tips sure are readable...

    On a side note discovered Bias FX will only play nicely with 44.1 khz otherwise is unusable and sounds like trash - not that there appears to be an in app way to control this setting cough .....

    Positive Grid should install Quantiloop and take a look at some real settings menus and features that are totally missing from mobile Bias FX and keeping it back when it comes to "Pro Audio App"

    Still mostly Positive but sure needs to be stepped up in some real basic areas - for instance ever notice when you go to adjust the bottom row of knobs on the mixer your finger has to block the view of the numerical readout (why are these numerical readouts below that row of knobs instead of above? like the top row of knobs...) Same goes for trying to adjust the dual output controls lower right corner - again other Apps cough solve this by having an "on screen numerical value" display where you can see it like to the side of your finger tip or above ... not behind and below

    Basic stuff for the mobile platform and just common sense