How get midicontroller work to Bias FX in cubase 9.5?

  • Hi.

    I'm using have Bias FX and using Cubase 9.5.
    Basic use works fine. But problem is midicontroller.

    I have Akai max 49 which midi learn work in Bias FX stand alone. But in cubase it dont do anything. Tried use also effect pedals BOSS GT-3 and GT-10 as midi controller. And those dont work even stand alone. Midi learn dont work and not either when program manually cc numbers.

    Cubase self regonize those midicontrollers and Cubases own midi learn works in all of those controllers. But how i get Bias FX also understand those controls?

    Most important what i need is to switch sound inside bank to another. So i can change distortion to clean and vice versa.

    Ofc i can do that with mouse, but we record with band every instrument to own tracks even when we practicing and then i need to do that with feet.

    So is there way use midi controller to Bias FX inside cubase?

  • I don't use Cubase, but I have gotten this to work in Reaper, I image that the process may be similar. I need two tracks, one that has my midi controller as an input and the second with bias. The midi track is set to send midi to the bias. I found that I had to monkey with the record on and internal monitor function to get it to work. In Reaper, the controller needs to be on its own track, that was the key.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thx. That helped.

    Needed just add midi track and put there my midi controller (BOSS GT-10) to midi in and Bias FX to midi out. Then in that miditrack go to midi send and add MIDI control.

    Then go to Bias FX and there MIDI settings -> MIDI control assigments -> Add new control assigments -> Preset -> Preset + (Switch to next preset) ->

    There is midi learn, but it dont work. Then just manually add there example CC 1 -> Done

    And now in BOSS GT-10 choose bank u01 and push button 2 (what controls CC 1) and it changes in Bias fx Sounds inside that folder to next.
    Made also to Bias FX another CC control to switch previous and there CC 0.

    So now in BOSS GT-10 button 1 (CC 0) goes to previous and button 2 (CC 1) goes to next.

    Hopefully that help others also if have same problem.
    Problem solved =)