Xdrummer performance issues w/ Bias FX Universal - ipad mini 2 - Anybody else experience performance problems?

  • HI - I have both Xdrummer and Biax FX on my ipad mini 2.

    Over the last week or so, the performance of Xdrummer has seriously degraded to the point now that it's unusable with Bias FX (via inter-app audio). Prior to the big announcement (Bias FX Universal) everything was working fine, which make me suspect that it has to do with the new universal code base for Bias FX.

    This is really disappointing because I was really loving the Xdrummer / Bias FX combo for practicing. Please let me know if anyone else out there is experience this issue.

    I'm posting this both under Xdrummer and Mobile apps topics. Looks like there is very little activity on the Xdrummer board these days.