Free Bias Modulation ???

  • I Filled out a Facebook ad for a free licence for Bias Modulation yesterday and I have not heard anything. Anyone else had this???


  • A2

    Whoa, where was that?

  • @pipelineaudio interesting "an ad on facebook" I remember twice (2nd time after a reinstall on iPadf) having to unlock the whammy pedal in BiasFX mobile by going to facebook directly from BiasFX and back but have not heard of unlocking a whole modulation pack (assuming for Bias pedal in this case) by "filling out an ad" very interesting indeed ...

  • It was just an ad in my feed asking for an email address for an unlock code to be sent to. Can't find it anywhere after a search of history etc. would have been a sweet offer. Already have the distortion pack and 2 out of 3 would probably have pushed me to 'complete the set' as it were. Oh well, whatever (nevermind) :)