Please connect with iOS audio interfaceのツールチップが消えない

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    BIAS FX を iPhone 8 で使っています。
    iPhone 8 にはヘッドフォンジャックがないため、iRig を Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter を通して使っていますが、その際 Inputのツールチップの表示「Please connect with iOS audio interface」が消えません。入力自体に問題はないのですが解消されるとうれしいです。

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    You sure that has an input?

  • @progzine " Hello BIAS FX to iPhone 8 I am using it. iPhone 8 Because there is no headphone jack, iRig to Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter While using it, display the Input tooltip at that time「Please connect with iOS audio interface」It will not disappear. There is no problem with the input itself, but it is nice to be resolved. "

    I'm not sure but sounds like you want the tool tip on your screen to go away?

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  • @tafkad that's right. I just want to hide the tool tip.

  • @progzine I just checked with my USB audio interface not connected and see the tool tip "please connect with iOS audio interface" and notice touching the tool tip on screen does nothing - I plug in my USB interface back in and the tool tip goes away - I unplug it and the tip comes back.

    I am using a USB audio interface with the USB 3 Lightning Camera Connection Kit with my iPad pro 2nd gen.

    There must be an issue with using the Headphone Jack Adapter since you have also stated that you have no issues with using this for an input (I assume you must be getting signal into BiasFX) but the tip stays - very interesting and wonder if PG can resolve such a setup (PG may need to buy one of those Headphone Adapters to test and fix this)