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  • I have downloaded Bias FX. I am running Bias Amp2 over my Bias Head. The Head is the Audiointerface. In Bias FX i can not choose the Bias Head in the Audiosettings. Are there any drivers to install? Can i only run Bias FX with another Audiointerface??? This makes Bias FX unusable for me....I now that Bias FX Tones can not be saved on the Head... I only want to hear the Audio of Bias FX through my Bias Head.

  • er, BIAS Head is not an audio interface. it is a standalone hardware version of BIAS Amp. You're not running BIAS Amp 2 "over" your BIAS Head; the BIAS Head itself is running BIAS Amp and it's communicating with BIAS Amp on your PC (via USB) to allow you to control it via the desktop software. There's no audio data being passed through the USB connection, and the software on your PC isn't actually processing any audio; it's just acting as a controller for the Head.

    There is no way to run BIAS FX on the BIAS Head, or to connect the two together in any other meaningful way really, outside of passing the signal between them using a separate audio interface.

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    @fatkey It's possible to use bias head with bias fx desktop, but it depends on what you want to achieve with this setup.

    You'll have to connect Bias FX on I-PAD/Laptop with an audio interface for sending signals out to Bias Head. Your Computer+BIAS FX +Audio interface is like a effect unit in this sense. Since the Bias FX comes with amp/cab simulation, you have to turn off the simulation for connecting it to Bias Head.

    Here are two scenarios of using BIAS FX with BIAS Head:

    1. If you want to use only Distortion/Overdrive effects from BIAS FX with BIAS Head :

    Just connect the output of your audio interface to the input on the BIAS Head.

    0_1541386672929_Head FX 1.jpeg

    2.If you want to use only Reverb/Delay/Mod effects from BIAS FX with BIAS Head:

    You have to route the send out signal of Bias head to the input of the audio interface on I-Pad/Laptop then return back to Bias Head. (using the effect loop on the BIAS Head)

    0_1541386723326_Head FX 2.jpeg

    Effect loop can be used to chain your audio interface with BIAS Head. These 2 articles may help :-)

    Hope this helps

  • @mike wow that was an awesome response - I love graphic replies : ] you rock Mike as always - cheers