Feature request: polyphonic pitch shifter

  • The only thing that I need that's not provided in BiasFX iOS is a polyphonic pitch shifter like the Digitech Drop Tune.

    BiasFX iOS is so awesome because now I don't have to drag around my AxeFX Ultra for versatility. I use my Drop Tune pedal so I don't have to take multiple guitars for different tunings to practices and gigs, but to ultimately lighten my load, I wish BiasFX would let me leave my DT pedal at home too!

    Is this in the works? Does it require too much processing power?

  • A2

    I would like a harmonizer too! I keep seeing the claim of polyphonic pitch shifters, a. la. DNA or some other scheme but usually when I try them its a distinction without a difference. Does the Digitech version really somehow pull apart incoming notes of a chord and shift them separately in real time? Is there any actual difference from a chromatic pitch shifter?