Feature request: polyphonic pitch shifter

  • The only thing that I need that's not provided in BiasFX iOS is a polyphonic pitch shifter like the Digitech Drop Tune.

    BiasFX iOS is so awesome because now I don't have to drag around my AxeFX Ultra for versatility. I use my Drop Tune pedal so I don't have to take multiple guitars for different tunings to practices and gigs, but to ultimately lighten my load, I wish BiasFX would let me leave my DT pedal at home too!

    Is this in the works? Does it require too much processing power?

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    I would like a harmonizer too! I keep seeing the claim of polyphonic pitch shifters, a. la. DNA or some other scheme but usually when I try them its a distinction without a difference. Does the Digitech version really somehow pull apart incoming notes of a chord and shift them separately in real time? Is there any actual difference from a chromatic pitch shifter?

  • @pipelineaudio I have an old Digitech IPS-33 which does 3-part intelligent harmonizing (but not polyphonic). But, if you put your ear up to it, you can hear it humming as if there is something moving or spinning inside. Not sure if such a thing could be accomplished in software alone, but I'd pay BIG money to Positive Grid for that effect if they nailed it.

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    I loved the IPS and then the TSR! There's a free VST called PitchProof that does the TSR style pretty well. I mocked up a key based harmonizer that could do ok at zero latency and offered it to PG...I'll mock it up closer in Juce and see if they'll take it. I REALLY want a harmonizer in Bias FX! Thats one that is sadly missing from a lot of the players, but Amplitube, TH3, and Axe have it

  • I wonder if there is a concern about horsepower for a pitch shifter, especially on older iOS devices. If patches suddenly became non-portable between desktop and mobile it would be an issue for PG, I think.

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    Could be, but Tonestack has one that ran on my Mini 2 just fine

  • I was so excited for BIAS FX coming to iPhone. Even my old and rusty 5S runs it just fine. But i was so bummed to find out that BIAS FX does not have a Digitech Drop kind of effect. Even Line 6 Helix Native has a pitch shifter with which you can basically chromatically tune up and down as you wish. I would love to see similar feature implemented in BIAS FX, both desktop and mobile. I know that you can kinda tune down with the current whammy pedal, but it is not the same and has limited number of modes.
    It is a very important feature as you won't have to carry multiple guitars for different tunings, it is especially important for playing on a mobile device.

  • @beretblack I have Helix hardware also... and IMHO the pitch shifter is unusable as a drop tuning effect, too many artifacts for my taste. I would just carry a Digitech Drop if it was a huge issue. Main use for the pitch shifter in Helix is as a dual detune for VH style FX or as a traditional Whammy or Harmonizer...

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    I'm still not convinced there's anything actually polyphonic about any of the claimed polyphonic shifters out there (except any that may be using DNA)

  • Yes! Definitely we need something like Digitech Drop pedal. It they can make it, sure PG can. We needed it yesterday :)

  • Add a new vote for a polyphonic pitch shifter in Bias Fx 2. It's crazy that one is not there. It makes playing songs and tones from multiple bands so much easier. All the other competitors have one.

  • Hello,

    I add my vote, we need a "Drop Tone" by 1/2 tone like the Digitech ! Please PG ! (I use the mobile Bias Fx)

  • +1 from me. My rig (vocals, guitar, and backing tracks) is completely wireless, except for the damn external pitch shifter pedal that I use, which requires AC power (annoying to have to waste time searching for power near the center of the stage while setting up).

    My issue is that there IS a pitch shifter in Bias FX Ultimate, but it doesn't go one semitone DOWN. The issue isn't that PG can't make a shifter, because they already did! But you're forced to use specific intervals like "2nd Up" or "Oct Down" which are useless for me. My band goes a half step down for some songs, and we would rather have one backup guitar on stage for all of us instead of three additional guitars in a new tuning PLUS backups.

    By the way, is this possible within Bias Pedal? As silly as it would be to be forced to pay an extra $10 just to get the shifter to do a half step down, it's better than buying a new external shifter that takes batteries.

  • By the way, here is a workaround that should work right now:

    • Tune your guitar with an EXTERNAL tuner on your signal coming out of Bias FX
    • Set the pitch shifter (first in the chain, or after the gate) to "Down 4th" or "Up 2nd" or really anything (depending on if you plan to go up or down a half step - generally down is better on all pitch shifting algorithms)
    • Use the expression pedal PARTIALLY down to get an interval in between 0 and the preset you selected
    • Using the tuner you used in step 1, adjust the expression pedal on the pitch shifter until it is showing exactly a half step down on every string
    • Save this setting, and never touch the expression pedal again (write down the exact value so you can put it on other patches or if you accidentally move it)

    I don't have my iPad here at home (it's in the rehearsal room), so I can't personally test this until next weekend, but it should work. If someone is successful, let us know what expression pedal value worked for you.