Official iOS version compatibility?

  • I posted well over a month ago asking whether BiasFX officially supported iOS 12 and have still not gotten an answer. Now, another iOS update has come out.

    I will ask the question another way....

    What is the latest iOS release that is officially supported by BiasFX on mobile for iPad?

    Because I use this for my live setup, "try it and see" is not a good answer. I ran an iOS update about six months ago that rendered my BiasFX with no audio output on the day of a gig. Fortunately, I had JamUp Pro to fall back on.


  • @chris-tondreau I’m on 12.0.1 on iPhone and have no issues with the apps

  • @chris-tondreau iOS 12 since the release on iPad pro 10 inch 2nd gen - no issues

  • Well, apparently older devices can cause problems even with updated operating systems. I have an iPhone 6 with iOS 12.0.1, and BIAS FX would only work properly for the first ten minutes after launching before getting horrible level changes, screeching noise, loss of sustain, and eventually the app crashing. I installed onto my newer iPhone SE, recreated a few patches, and everything is great now. So, the operating system is only part of the compatibility.

  • A2

    Careful if you are on iRig HD2