Noise Gate vs Noise Reduction

  • I have the stock noise gate in Bias fx.. does anyone prefer the noise reduction pedal in the shop to the noise gate pedal?

    Also for folks using bias amp models in Bias fx do you turn off the noise gate in Amp before you import it into Bias fx?

  • A2

    Oooh crap, I wonder if that matters if you turn it off or not...These are the types of things that need to be in a central knowledge database

  • While the NG in B is patch-specific, its setting does not import from B to BFX. It's a decent gate, but of course not usable if you're fronting the amp with anything.

    Noise Reduction is a softer version of gating. Notice there's an NR in the stock line-up. I can't think of gain tone I've heard that it matters what kind of silencing gear is used, the tones are so compressed.