Final Output Leveling Tool

  • I use BIAS 2 to download amps to a BIAS HEAD. I find it difficult to balance output without adjusting the master which of course changes the actual feel of the amp. I wish the was a way of adjusting the overall volume, post master, to allow preset/patch leveling without effecting the amp's nature.

  • @madmarcus1960 One of the biggest fundamental problems with Positive Grid stuff, IMHO. The plugins are like that too. In FX I end up using an EQ's level , CAB IR or mic level, or the Volume pedal in a fixed position to actually control the amp block's output level. In Amp, the EQ or Cab again.

    It's a mess and really should not even be a problem at all in a software based product. Really the amp needs a block dedicated output level. In all the products.

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  • @elric I concur PG. I sometimes wonder if master even affects feel or gain. There is a separate power amp distortion knob but then maybe that changes the sweep effect of the master knob

  • It's not problem for me now as I'm using one amp at a time with a pedal board at my home. But jumping genres definitely creates a mismatch. There should be a post master level knob that proceeds the output knob of the amp. This would fix this. I tried using the post eq but for some reason the level adj doesn't work. I've tried unlocking/locking the path to no avail. This would be a cheap and dirty solution. I don't use cab/irs with my BIAS HEAD. While it sounds great with my ASM-12, the 2 of them are reserved for running my Kemper in stereo. I'm using the 2x12 cab (16ohms), made by Yamaha for the THR100 series and it rocks.

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    Hi Guys, thanks for all the feedbacks! We'll see what we can do in the near future!

  • Of course the Master affects the signal quality. A simple wisdom in exploring the Master: turn it up till it doesn't get louder, then back it off a hair.

    If an eq level isn't doing something, something is wrong on the user's end.

    Also, the Output knob in B2 transformer section attenuates volume only. ((Note Master in power amp section is the same as on the face; gain knob in preamp section is the same as gain on the face.))

  • @tannhauser very useful. So output on transformer does not have an affect on tone?

  • Tann, as far as using the EQ, the band adjustments work, yet the level knob to the left does nothing, so I suppose I could be missing something, but being in engineering support for a living, I tend to be pretty thorough. It didn't work for me.

    Thanks for the hint about the Output knob of the B2 Tranny. I'll try that. All things being equal, a final level adjustment would be the most idiot proof way to go if it can be done.

  • @madmarcus1960 : I didn't infer user error. Something on that end. Over here, and over in other yonders, all the knobs attenuate the signal.

  • @tannhauser said in Final Output Leveling Tool:

    Also, the Output knob in B2 transformer section attenuates volume only.

    Great tip. I was aware of this control; in fact we discussed it here previously but PG never actually confirmed its effect, IIRC. It would be nice if we could get a definitive 'yes' ( @Mike could you follow up on whether the Bias Amp 2 output transformer page volume/level control is a straight level control or does it affect model behavior/response apart from volume as well?).

    This is sort of type A behavior but I always worried it was affecting the frequency response or a different property of the OT which I do not like to mess with... most of my customizations are in the preamp, tone stack, eq, cabs.

    Maybe I will do an ear and spectrum analysis on it if PG if doesn't get back. That would be a good tool to start using in BA2.

    But even assuming that is available; it is only a partial solution that works only when using my own BA2 amps for my own presets.... but since I end up using BA amps in FX and it definitely does not , it is still is going to have a constant issue with level, especially dealing with the tone cloud... also importing/editing the amp model and jumping back and forth to FX to check it is just never going to work. I will still end up scattering volume pedals, EQs, etc all over and some TC presets are going to have God Awful clipping in preview.

  • @elric I read on the pg help site that the output knob on transformer is used to compensate for decreased volume from adjusting the compression on the transformer module. So unsure if it is affecting the tone or just a db control

  • Thanks guys for the 411, at work for the weekend, but Monday I will start playing with the OT volume to try it as a patch leveler. If in fact that B2 output is to help compensate for compression lowering output, then it would make sense that is wouldn't color the sound, fingers crossed.

  • Tann, no worries, help is help, written word can easily corrupt the tone of a conversation. Exactly why social media is killing society! :>)

  • By the way, notice the transformer section is last in the chain. I'm assuming the [output] transformer is the last thing before the cable jack, or nearly so. Hence the [output] is how much the cable sees.