Hi-Gain tones unusable

  • Hello!
    I'm having a serious problem with my desktop Bias FX.
    While all the clean and medium gain presets i've downloaded and created myself work great, the hi-gain tones I test on tonecloud only produce digital noise instead of guitar sound.
    I'm using Ibanez Rg8 with emg808x pickups(previously with stock pickups) connected trough Scarlett 2i2 gen2 (gain knob set correctly so it only flashes green). My laptop is i5, 8gb ram, win10(64bit). Bias fx is 64bit version, buffer size - 16 samples(tried many other settings and it hand no effect on the problem), sample rate -44100hz.
    Please guys help me, because my heart is drying without those meaty hi-gain tones :D

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    Those things are at crazy volume levels. The current setup for BiasFX doesnt really encourage reference levels or reccomended levels.

    I make mine to -15dBFS from a -6dBFS white noise source. They aren't super high gain, but you could see if those at least work and then we can figure out whats wrong with the others

  • Not sure if I understood you corectly, but turned the volume down on mixer, booster etc and no improvement. Also when I look on the output meter it stays in the green range

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    Did you actually download a tone and try it, or just trying it in preview? Maybe the preview system is broken. I know 100% for sure my more recent ones are working, so if you could test one of those, it would narrow down the problems

  • I've downloaded it, and found no setting that looks odd or extreme. The gain doesn't seem to be the problem either. Dunno what's causing this

  • Okay I have switched the presets Diezel VH4 for the 92'treadplate amp and everything works great. So why one amp works and the other doesnt? :(

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    Thats what we say, a lot of the tone cloud stuff is unusable, who knows why.

  • Yeah but the preset works with 92' amp without changing any other settings. I think it's a good question to the Bias developers. Why one amp works while the other doesnt?

  • Tone cloud stuff is definitely a grab bag. Some are really unusable. I have found that I get great results by tweaking amps on my own using the different module options. Also, tone cloud options might use some really curious cab/mic output options

  • Volume control is a trainwreck on Tone Cloud. It is a side effect of PG's stuff being fundamentally weak in level control. I'll bet some people are using their input/output controls to manage levels and then producing presets that have completely whacked output levels for folks who have normalized theirs.

    Leveling is hard enough as it is PG. Help us out. ;)

  • @elric where do you keep your I/o levels? I’m curious because I have to adjust all the time with different presets. I guess maybe I should keep my levels the same and then maybe open the amp in Bias amp and adjust the output level on the mic that sits on the cab?

    I can tell some people have it all out of whack because if I turn off the cab and use an IR the resulting output can be either extremely louder or softer depending on how the preset is made.

    Where are the places that you can adjust output without changing distortion/gain? I’m assuming master knob affects power amp gain but I noticed there is a separate knob in the editor for power amp gain so I’m lost on that lmao

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    I dont want to sound like a stuck record, but, please PG, give us a way to double click or whatever to unity for the I/O controls

  • .....could it be the sample rate some folks create patches with? Or it's a component of the signal chain the downloader doesn't have.

    As for general amp volume, cleans are ungodly low. I have to add a post eq and crank the level.

  • Okay. So 92' Tradplate amp works fine, but amps considered to be high gain like PG5150 or PG Bugera 6260 don't work at all. All they produce is this brain frying digital noise. I was about to upgrade to PRO and buy the Metal expansion, but now i see no point in doing that if the type of amps I care about the most don't even work. Could someone from Positive Grid provide some assistance?

    Edit: I'm talking about plain amplifiers, without any other "gear" added to the presets

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    From the tone cloud or the stock ones inside Bias?

    Expecting every amp to work from the cloud is like expecting every paper on vertebrate evolution you find on the internet to be accurate

  • those are the amps from the cloud, but are they any different than the stock ones? wouldn't the name say that they have been modified? Even if they were modified, people in the comments seem to love the preset, so why does it work for them, and not for me?

  • @smasher193 said in Hi-Gain tones unusable:

    those are the amps from the cloud, so why does it work for them, and not for me?

    Not sure why you are having the exact issues you are so no comment on that

    Tonecloud - total grab bag and I've tried plenty of them people loved that were absolute garbage for me and almost always way way too hot output :

    Bias Amp lets you totally change any of the stock amps a major multitude of ways and even make them horrible and they can still have the same name so name means nothing - Advice: stay away from tonecloud and use stock amps and start the learning curve there, much better odds of getting it the way you want and after that if you are still having issues with stock amps then write support and ask whats up and provide all the detail you can on your complete signal path setup - cheers

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    @smasher193 said in Hi-Gain tones unusable:

    those are the amps from the cloud, but are they any different than the stock ones? wouldn't the name say that they have been modified? Even if they were modified, people in the comments seem to love the preset, so why does it work for them, and not for me?

    The fact that they are on the cloud means SOMETHING got modified, maybe just the name, but probably a hell of a lot more than that. DO not judge Bias based on tones in the cloud. Same as you dont judge a model of car by trying to sit in a wrecked one in the junkyard

  • Hey guys, I'm dealing with the same issue and wanted to provide an audio reference for those who don't have the problem: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TYTHFz7WQXAjI0aCHknk9rMS6DMUgJ1g

    This only occurs on ToneCloud Amp Match settings, and no amount of preset fiddling our output level seems to do anything. This is the first post I've seen about the problem, but I'm assuming it's an aliasing issue -- but is there any way for us to tell what the sample & buffer rate was for each recorded amp match preset?

    Currently no fix for high-gain/metal/insane amp matches that I've been able to tinker with, which is disappointing, as there are some really great sounding ones out there I'd like to use (minus the harmonic distortion).

  • @zes735 ...sorry for the two posts, but I should point out that the first riff was Amp Matched in the audio clip, and the second was an existing preset.