Feature request: Post to Facebook - Please vote for this!!!!!

  • Hi, After I create new amp in Bias Amp 2 (mobile or desktop), or after I create a new a new pedal in Bias Pedal (mobile or desktop), or after I create a new Bias Fx preset (mobile or desktop)...

    I would like to share it out to Facebook for my friends to see.

    This would a little bit of guerilla marketing for your company...ie, my friends would see how awesome my new “Hillside Artillery” Delay Pedal is.

    I know we can do this now in the respective tone clouds, but to expand out to social media would be awesome.

    You could create hyperlinks behind the images to the respective product pages. You could take this all the way to affiliate marketing if you wanted too.

    Please feel free to contact me directly, if you need clarity on any of the above.

  • A2

    Man I love this idea