Portability of BFX patches using BAmp2 amps

  • Hello:

    There is something I haven’t clear:

    -I have BFX and create a patch there.
    -I have BAmp2 and have an amp there that uses BAmp2 features and edit it.
    -I use the BAmp2 amp in the BFX patch.

    I have a friend that has both BFX and BAmp2 and I want to give him my BFX patch. Does he need to load only the patch or does he need to load the amp into BAmp2 too? It is still not clear to me if just the BFX patch is needed and that alone uses the BAmp2 features inside the amp, supposed that he owns BAmp2 and it is installed.

  • I had some kind of strange results a while ago when going back and forth between iPad and PC (with non synchronized changes here and there). They gave me the impression that it may be safer (but not necessary) to import the amp first.

    That said I have a feeling the strange things happened with Bias Pedal, not Bias Amp2. And it was during the long transition when Amp2 was new.

  • Thank you for your answer. If someone can share experiences, please do it.

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  • I don't know why you didn't try it. If it didn't work or something, then come and holler.

    If your patch contains non-stock items, and he doesn't have those expansion packs or IR(s), it'll gripe at him.

  • Well, well. I didn’t want to delete the custom amp preset in BAmp2 to try if the sound in BFX is still the same, when the patch uses the deleted amp. And it is not that I am lazy to do that, it is because I have noted strange things from time to time when there are modifications. For example some patches have begun to behave different after updating. Sometimes is that so noticeable that I had to do the patch again. I was afraid if I delete the amp in BAmp2 to do the test, when I load it again some things could sound different and this patch I have re done it a couple of times and don’t wanted to do again. By the side of this friend, he is far away, so that I can’t hear directly both alternatives. Right, he could do the test and hear and judge himself or record the audio and send it to me. That is true.

  • Yeah, do that. It works or it doesn't. You gave it the college try.

  • So, I thought this thing with the amps was universally known. But in the meanwhile I made a test to answer myself and I share here what I observed. I know from the PG help that for desktop versions BFX and BAmp share the same folder for amps, but I was not sure with the mobile versions.

    I did the following with the iPad versions:

    -I loaded a blues factory preset in BFX and saved it as test
    -In BAmp2 I searched in Cloud a custom blues amp that was made with amp match, downloaded it and saved it as test.
    -I edited the test amp and loaded into it one of the new Celestion cabinets and loaded two mics. I changed some controls in the panel, tweaked the preamp, power amp and the transformer and saved this in the test amp patch within BAmp2.
    -I loaded the test amp into the test blues patch in BFX and played a little.
    -I closed and launched BFX again and the test amp was now in the list of amps within BFX.
    -I loaded another amp into the blues patch in BFX.
    -I closed both apps and launched BAmp2.
    -I deleted the test amp in BAmp2.
    -I launched BFX and searched for the test amp in the amp list (BAmp2 already closed), loaded it and played. It was the same sound as when the amp was still not deleted in BAmp2.
    -With the amp selected in BFX I launched from there BAmp2. All the tweaks that I had made before deleting it from BAmp were untouched: the Celestion cabinet, the mics and their positions, the tubes and controls in preamp and power, and so on.

    So, if one finds a BFX patch that uses a custom amp, apparently it is not necessary to load this amp in BAmp, provided that one has the right version regarding special features.

  • @korkenknopfus i wonder if Bias fx iOS will act accordingly on this based on wherever or not you have Bias amp

  • Nice work!
    If I remember correctly (no certainty in that), the strange things I experienced were mostly several instances of the same pedal (and amp?) in the apps (or some of the apps) after importing back and forth between PC and iPad.
    Mainly I built pedals and amps on the PC. Then I thought I'd use them in BFX on the iPad. Built some presets, maybe moved the volume knobs or such. Then (late at night) I thought these preses would be good to have on the PC too, and...

    Time having passed I think I'd also deleted thinge and reimported other peoples tonecloud pedals.

    What I' m sure of is that I ended up with multiple pedals with the same name on the PC. I ended up reinstalling a clean version of Pedal and maybe BFX and Amp2.

    But that was during the lengthy transition from Amp to Amp2.

    Didn't feel like testing, but, @korkenknopfus, I wonder if you didn't just explain it all with your test.

  • @brian-dress Hello: English is not my language, so I understand your individual words but am not sure if I understand the question. When you say “wherever “, do you mean you wonder if these things that I tested would work in BFX, no matter if one has Bias Amp installed or not?

    If so, I think that using patches including amps with special features like amp match, two mics, Celestion cabinets and so on wouldn’t work. That is the complaint of a lot of users, that they note they need an advanced version of Bias Amp only after they have downloaded a nice BFX patch.

    @john After I moved to Bias Amp 2 some weird things happened, aside from the well known issue with muted amps. I had built before a BFX patch with an amp from another user. After moving, the patch’s sound was so modified that I was forced to build it again with another similar amp, because I wasn’t able to find the cause.

  • @korkenknopfus can you tell me a special preset you made in bfx so I can download it on my iPhone and see if it has the special things? I have ba2 on my phone as well so I can download your bfx and then check the amp in ba2 to see if it has the extras like amp match. I do not have the celestion packs though

  • Yes, try for example the patch called Money Knopfus MSJ4. That was created for the riff of Money for Nothing, following more or less guidelines from a YouTube video in channel GuitarLessons365, but I have tweaked it later.


    The patch uses a Marshall Silver Jubilee with amp match uploaded in BAmp Cloud by an user called Martin. I loaded into it one of the new Celestion Classic cabinets, specifically the Vintage 30 4x12, but you can try loading a “normal” Vintage 30 or something else that you like.