Output selection in FX

  • It seems that I can't select between my audio interface's outputs in FX on the iPad as I can in FX on the desktop.
    The only option on the iPad I see are speaker and headphone. Sound output does work, but I want to direct it to one speaker.

  • @antkn33

    This is an iOS soundcard deal and noting to do with the software (iOS has auto sensing and switching for soundcards) - when using an external soundcard for both input and output - The 2 choices you see [speaker or head[phone] will both output to that externally hooked up usb card regardless of which you choose, from there you can connect the external cards outs to a powered speaker, mixer, 2nd card etc and monitor the sound at which point you can set it up for 1 speaker on an external device via panning/summing or what have you if this is still desired. Hope that helps a little.

  • If I use Cubasis on my iPad with the KA6 interface, I can select different outputs.


  • @antkn33 I know I have a NIK 6 and you can see them in Auria as well - cheers

  • @tafkad ok so positive grid just hasn’t implemented that feature right?

  • @antkn33 said in Output selection in FX:

    @tafkad ok so positive grid just hasn’t implemented that feature right?

    not visually but it still works with your soundcard no matter the choice headphone/speaker (they go out the external card)

  • RIght the sound works. But in FX I can't tell it to ONLY use outputs 3/4, and not 1/2 like I can in desktop FX.

  • @antkn33 yup that part sux and is a PG issue : ] I wish they would look at too. I feel your pain! : P

    Only workaround I guess is IAA in a host app like Cubasis or Auria - or try Quantiloop it should see the separate outs as well and would be better suited for live play - regards