Bias mobile vs Desktop

  • I’m wondering about user’s opinion on Amp & FX sound quality on mobile vs desktop.
    I’m not pro and never will be. Just want to know if anyone has compared them and what they think.

  • They’re the same digital algorithms

  • Right I read that. Just wondering about real world comparisons. Pros Cons etc.

  • @antkn33 desktop gives you more flexibility to use other vst with it inside of a daw. Mobile is really nice for on the go stuff. I.e I use my iPhone for a nice practice rig at lunchtime

  • Computer also has more CPU, can run at higher sample rates, has better latency, more interface choices, is easier to use with other plugins, etc. Lots of advantages... but it is amazing to have great tones on mobile. I was rocking my iPad straight to a power amp and guitar cab with Bias FX today and it was ridiculous. Love this technology.

  • A2

    Mobile has more MIDI control capability in certain cases (some of the assignments in Live View on mobile are not available in any way on desktop, even desktop standalone)

  • Thank. I noticed in FX mobile there are output settings that can turn off different parts of your rig. I don’t see this in the desktop version. Am I missing something?