Sound Issue with Boss Pedals and Mini Head

  • Hi,
    I wanted to use the BIAS Mini Head an my classic Pedalboard.
    But the Sound never was the same as if played with the BIAS Amp Software on my PC.

    So I took all my effect pedals off the board an tested them one by one.
    In the end it looks like I BIAS Amp has a big problem with Boss pedals.

    Signal chain was :
    Guitar->cable->Pedal->patchcable->BIAS Amp (I like the new Tweed Lux simulation, but the issue is the same with other simulations)

    even if I connect the Tuner Pedal the higher notes are very noisy, slightly distorted and the whole guitar sounds out of tune.
    Its not one of the classic power related problems like hum or hiss.
    The guitar sounds completely awful.
    I tried several cable setup (lenght an type).
    I tried several Power connections.
    It never sounds a bit like when I plug the guitar directly to the amp.

    I have this issue with all my Boss Pedals, and even with my Ibanez TS9 on bypass.
    I do not have the problem with mxr fuzz, pro cat Ibanez 808...

    Can anyone help me with this. If it does not work, I need to sell the BIAS Mini although I like the concept very much.

    Regards, Andreas

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    The sounding out of tune thing means something VERY weird is going on. I can't even imagine before coffee what it could be

  • What are you using to power the Bosses with? I'm running a bunch of stuff before and in the loop. The only noise I got was from the BIAS Pro Pedals until I took them off of the MXR DC Brick I was using to power the comp, drive and fuzz.

    Before you punt on the mini, try powering the Boss with some other supply or maybe a battery.

    0_1540408684657_Current Board.jpg

  • Thank you for your quick response.

    Originally I powered the Tuner with a simple Harley Benton Power Plant. But I as well tried a Boss APC 203s.
    I think maybe I should give the battery a try.

  • I found the MXR brick powered the Grid Pedal Pros, but caused white noise, a hiss. It turns out they needed more current than the brick could supply even though it was enuff to turn them on.

    All my derives are on the Brick and they're quiet.

    If the tuner is digital, maybe that's the problem.

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    None of that should change the pitch though

  • This is one of the issues i did not want to run into when buying a rack or head unit. Would have been more simpler and compatible if these FX were loaded into the rack and head units.

    That was my worry as well. Yes great tone for the PG stuff, but I needed pedals in front of the units, and did not want to haul around a huge pedal board.

    So good to know what pedals may or may not work, but I have seen youtube vids where different pedals where used in front of the units and it sounded good.

    Just have to make sure the input gain on the pedals and the rack units are not over driven, which is easy to do. Changing pitch is strange, or can it sound that the pitch has changed if it is over driven ? Like other have mentioned, powering pedals makes a difference as well, but should not change the pitch.

  • That is a weird artifact for sure.