BIAS FX presets on hardware

  • I got the BIAS Rack after making my dream presets on the BIAS FX plugin and was ready to save them on the rack. The reasoning behind this is that I wanted to be able to save sounds for the whole setlist on the rack, and then take only the rack and a MIDI controller with me to the gig.
    This seemed like an obvious feature until I realized I wasn't able to save presets from BIAS FX to any piece of hardware. I contacted PG about it and they said they have a separate BIAS FX hardware under works. But since I need this feature asap, I can't wait for that. So...

    My instant reaction was to bring my laptop and soundcard to gigs. There is a little bit of latency but not something that bothers me in any bigger way. Sure, it would be cool without latency, but I can take it, for now. BUT then I figured...

    Why not try to find someone who is experienced in building with MIDI and coding and stuff, and have them build me a custom BIAS FX preset saving device. I have no idea if this is a realistic plan, but let me explain:

    Could somebody build me a box that is able to save presets from the BIAS FX plugin, has a MIDI input so that presets can be swapped from a controller, and two balanced XLR outputs (stereo outs)? I made a quick illustration which is shown in the picture attached.

    Am I aiming for something impossible or is someone up for the challenge? It doesn't need to look pretty, but it needs to work.

    Best regards,
    Torsten Borg0_1540388396364_Screenshot_20181024-163845__01.jpg

  • @torstenborgofficial

    I found using an iPad pro on an amps FX loop worked well for adding the fx to a real amp, less cumbersome than a laptop and rather easy to setup and control.

    I think your query on someone building you a home-brew device is not that feasible in truth unless someone has already started but can't think why anyone would as there is no demand for it that warrants such a time and resource consuming endeavor. An iPad is that device.

  • @tafkad The thing is that I love my AC30 amp in the software. I basically just wanna run that whole setup to FOH. But thanks for the tip! I hear what you're saying, I am afraid this might be the case, hopefully somebody could shed more light on this...

  • The best solution for a Bias FX live rig (IMHO) is:
    Laptop (Macbook running Mainstage preferred)->Interface->Amplification.

    The basic setup requires a little upfront effort but it is simple. Physically securing it is a bit fiddly mostly due to the computer but they are showing up more and more in live contexts so you can now find things like computer stands and locks, etc.... and going with an interface that is also a footcontroller cuts down on moving parts. A number of people on different forums run rigs like this although it is probably still considered trailblazing by most...

    I think the laptop is preferable to a tablet and the Macs with their VST host give you instant switching. You don't have to go through all the craziness that people like pipeline are doing with trying to get seamless switching on a mobile device or windows platform, it's just there.

    If you don't want to use an interface with a foot controller you could add a dedicated USB midi controller; there are a number of good ones.

    Some foot controller Interfaces to consider: Apogee GIO, IK Stomp I/O, MeloAudio Toneshifter Mega, Sonoma GuitarJack Stage.

    Some MIDI Boards that support USB/Wireless: MeloAudio MIDI Commander, Nektar Pacer, Just about any pedal board with 5-pin MIDI and the Yamaha MD-BT01 (another advantage of the MAc: built-in MIDI bluetooth support), IK Blueboard (a little limited IMHO).

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    Check out the four gajillion threads on this here or at my website.

    I'm right there with you! We have a few ways of doing this, and beyond, with better, faster, safer, more glitch free switching than can be accomplished in Bias FX itself.

    My big issue right now is portability. The hardware and software is all there and works excellent, never been happier with guitar gear in my life. The portability on the other hand :(

    As stated above, Mainstage and likely Gig Performer will get you there simply in the software. But really I don't think the software is the too hard part. its carrying the hardware nicely.

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    I dont know where the pics are, but I had some up in this forum of useing one of those pedaltrain rail things to stick a DI, an FCB1010, an audio interface, and a tablet holder together as a semi convenient way to do all this. I backed off for some time to allow Positive Grid to do some hardware of their own, fingers crossed, though the outstanding issues of Bias FX still being there when they recently ported it to the iPhone has me a bit worried

  • @elric Thanks for taking the time to give so many good suggestions. I really appreciate it!! Will look into this.

  • @pipelineaudio After reading both of your replies I realized I was just looking at the tip of the iceberg...

    I found this video and got interested in a similar kind of setup because this is kind of what I was looking for, even though this seems to be a bit more complex than my initial idea:

    (The video is from 2015 so I'm guessing BIAS FX didn't exist back then in the format it does now)

    I'm thinking something like a Steinberg UR22, iPad, and a MeloAudio MIDI Commander (I hadn't even heard of this particular pedal until @Elric mentioned it, and I like it a lot!)

  • @torstenborgofficial

    Same Bias FX back then (just lower version #)

    With an -> Onyx 1.2 (way affordable, no noticeable latency) into iPad pro 2nd gen -> my Yorkville stereo 80 watt monitor system - I get great work ability - It even runs off a good size rechargeable battery + any midi pedal and you're good to go

    I can even fit the Yorkville in a box that size and that's my next project + a Rechargeable Generator now that they are everywhere to run it all !!!

    Completely easy and affordable super portable dream machine

    I highly recommend for Bluetooth mod "Quicco Sound mi.1 Bluetooth" much lower profile sticking out the backside of your pedal and just works flawlessly here for months now.

    Also digging the Dunlop mini expression pedal

    I've been waiting for the "Tricorder" since the '60's and the iPad is it for now - I prefer the stability of iOS over using a computer for this and it is only going to get better


  • @tafkad Love your attitude, man. Nice setup too! Cheers.

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    That Quicco looks WAY easier to fit inside or outside than the Yamaha BT-01. I can't find any source that actually has one, any idea how much they cost?

  • @pipelineaudio I have one as well as the Yamaha, I got it on Amazon, but it looks like they don't have them in stock... it works just as well and costs within a $1 or so of what the Yamaha costs.

  • @pipelineaudio

    eBaY And Amazon : ]

  • @torstenborgofficial Yeah one of my pet peeves.. I have some nice presets I tried in bias FX with the dual amp and FX. Then I bought a rack unit assuming the same as you, but soon realised, this was not the case.

    I thought the whole purposes of the rack or head unit was what you created in bias fx, bias amp or the other modules, you can take on the road in a nice easy solution.

    Musicians who gig all the time want to minimise their setups and not have complicated pedal and cables all over the place, so the rack and head seemed like a no brainer.

    I was told this is not what BIAS was advertising, and that a simple bias amp 2 was what will only load on the head and racks. Bla Bla Bla, it is like having a whole bunch of heads all in one, yeah I get that.

    I was hooked on the software because of the sound and tone I could create, but in Bias FX. Really to dial in some heavy Metal tones, you need a pedal in front to tighten up the sound, so again, have to drag pedal around again.

    The option to add the FX bundle would have been nice. Now I hear they might make another rack or head unit to have the FX within it ?

    Anyway, not holding my breath...